Update 2.11 gameplay/damage tests

I’ve never seen predator wait times so low and it’s either mashed potatoes or dead pred… No in between

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It’s because so many people are playing fireteam. Low predator wait times is a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about the low pressure wait times. it just feels so oddly unbalanced It’s either very very good people are very very bad people. My kids and the other room and he’s having a lot of the same things he’s playing fire team more than I am but still very good people are very bad people. …

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True, but that’s because there is no ranked matchmaking.

Yeah there’s lots of arguments to be had here. At this point I’m so confused with the path they want to take with this game.
I love the concept but playing as both fire team and predator fire team has an advantage if they’re coordinated and smart. The problem with that is there are a lot of people who are not on my and/or neither coordinated nor smart. I’ve taking their spines as predator and died because of them as fire team. It is what it is to a degree I guess…


My bills that I can still use without impenetrable dye just as fast. My bills with impenetrable do seem to be a bit more durable.
Drunken speech to text sorry…🤷🏻‍♂️

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I think so.


Could you guys look into this?


Intriguing. I wonder if they meant only for impenetrable armor increase.

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Added Dante’s passive values.

They seem to have separated it in the wording Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite intoxicated, but they seem that that was a across the board passive type of thing. While it seems they increased impenetrable and its value separate from that.

Heavy knife attack does 189 damage. Is this the improved armor they were talking about?

Not gonna lie, the new impenetrable is great!

Well didn’t some classes take more/less melee dmg back during he patch that reshuffles a bunch of predator stats

Otherwise it would be pretty shitty that they decided on a new term instead of melee dmg like they did then

Yeah, they said it was separate, but knowing IllFonic if it works, it would only work conditionally. We need a fix for this soon.

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Assault’s passive does NOT effect the plasma rifle prototype.

Deadly increases the plasma rifle’s damage.

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Nice test…also u forgot to mention that owlf with (Spotter) makes you almost invisible while crouched.

Thermal suit without mud (Standing)

Thermal suit without mud (Crouched) with (spotter)

Being crouched will make you really hard to see without any mud.


You still go down super fast even with the new impenetrable (that is actually a nerf if you didnt realize, because you cant run anymore the same builds as before) and Lens got destroyed, the only good perk for high level. Pred armor DOESN’T work and it has never been working since day one (private multiple tests). Fireteam damage is beyond insane and now is even worse because you have 2 new broken classes with Dante that has 160 hp + 20% damage reduction (up to 50% with support passive and OWLF) and amazing speed. They broke the game even more. No chance this game won’t die, it won’t survive until February when they will release a new FIRETEAM class. 😂

I think the City Hunter was me… I read your Name yesterday… we had a good match

EDIT: Yes it was me… i saw your vid on Youtube :)

For Info I use the:

  • Large Pouch
  • Light Bender
  • Dithered Lens

Greeting Harman

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Did he have spotter on?