Update expectations

who dares summon me for private matches?

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i got a team ready in 5 min let me know if we doing this #getsome #bufffire

Add bot-_-bravo on PSN or send him a mssg for private match

I volunteer, someone gotta keep an eye on @Fire

Sure, but I’m not playing these.

Cmon, it could be fun.

Grab a few beers, shoot @SkooLBoY_SkePtiK a bit, what could go wrong?

For serious matches to test stuff out, I’m not the best opponent because I dont play seriously anymore.

However if we were talking about matches just to have them?
If for whatever reason @SkooLBoY_SkePtiK really wanted me to play, then I might play.
But you’re not getting much outa me in phg, I just dont enjoy this game at all anymore.

I only mentioned what I did cause I felt active players who were consistently and played seriously would be a good way to get a better feel for what changes should be necessary.

This isn’t Counter Strike or Valorant ranked, it’s PHG.
I stopped playing seriously when I lost all desire to play this game, I only play it when friends invite me to play, otherwise, queue solo? No thanks.
Like I said, few beers, shoot stuff, have fun.

Were on the same page. But this was about testing shit.
While we dont play seriously anymore, that is the best way to test things out, to play seriously.

I feel like that’s fair.

Im OK for these tests

The issue with the reinforcements in that game were that there really was no penalty for losing team members. So they die and come back with a loadout and the pred player is basically arming the fireteam again and pred gets no rewards except XP at the end of the game .

Some might say being a player or two down is a penalty against fireteam , but it really isn’t. They should have had it that when their is a reinforcement, pred should have been given the opportunity of a drop pod to restock as well .


No. Fuck pred

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No . Fuck you



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Love it. Damn. This game is full of missed opportunities.

Fortunately, for my sanity, Armored Core 6 is finally a reality this year. Once that drops, I’ll have a much easier time saying goodbye PHG for good.


Fuck that, play Blight Survival you simpleton. MEDIEVAL ZOMBIES!!! WHOOOOO!!!


Miss opportunites is right. Devs are fkn hacks.

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