Update expectations

The new update notes are out for Battlefield 2042. Much like my previous example from DbD, this update makes significant changes. However, this is an even better example of the substantial changes needed to make Predator: Hunting Grounds a respectable game. I’m not going to post the patch notes, but it’s just the idea that a developer would actually make the changes the community has asked for which I would want Illfonic to understand.

The meta is stale. The Sawz50 does too much damage and pistols have too high of a potential firerate. Field Medic revives too quickly.

Field Medic is also too powerful on Support which also has teammate damage mitigation:

  • Swap Field Medic to Assault class, and Fanatic to Support class

Fireteam players don’t have enough incentive to remain in the lobby after dying, when playing with random players.

  • Dead Fireteam players will be placed on a 3 min cooldown, after which Fireteam players will be able to self reinforce. The first time the reinforcement radio is used will alert the predator to its location, but subsequent use will not provide an alert. If at any time all 4 Fireteam players are simultaneously dead, the Predator wins by Elimination.
  • To balance increased reinforcements, make stealth kills available after first revive. (This also gives stealth kills a competitive function), and to balance the Support with other classes, make 2 downs activate instant death on third knockdown for ALL classes.

Predators are too loud. Make the clicking non directional. Make predkour branch sounds and footsteps proportional to health (weakest predators should have 50% less range on movement sounds).

The predators are too homogenous. Make the low health predators much faster and the low stamina predators much tankier. Remove the predator movement stun from parrying, but leave the attack stun for the defense of the FT.

Slam is basically unused, but the drop attack in Predator 2 is iconic. Let’s make it an initiator attack.

  • Remove all damage, but double the blinding effect distance and duration. Reduce the slam animation time by 50%.

This can’t be stressed enough, but the predator should be able to leap past small objects and after deploying gadgets without launching directly upwards.

Also, fix all the bugs.

Edit: there’s more…

More of an experimental thing.
Separate the three perk slots by function. Delete any perk not listed. Remove Perk point limits.

First slot options

  • Thick Skin, Gear Head, Yautja’s Bane, Double Time, Tracker, Ice Cold

Second Slot options

  • Dexterous, Weapons Training, Pig in Shit, OWLF Trained, Heavy Hitter, Sixth Sense

Third slot options

  • Body Armor, Fast Hands, Quick Release, Action Hero, Ripper, Iron Lungs

Some Fireteam passives and specializations need a nerf.

  • Field Medic, Increase revive time to 3 seconds
  • Support teammate damage reduction, reduced to 10%
  • Duelist, Increased Pistol damage reduced to 10%
  • Remove damage buff from Fanatic

First slot options

  • Impenetrable, Medic, Fearless, Downrange, Adrenal Boost, Dithered Lens

Second slot options

  • Large Pouch, Height Advantage, Ironside, Long Jump, Impatient, Energy Cell

Third slot options

  • Modified Reserve, Cooling Syncs, Protection, Trapper, Observant, Fast Hands

Some Predator perks will need buffs.

  • ASCENDER buff will be applied to ALL predators

  • Dithered Lens, (New function) only 50% of the laser furthest from the predator is visible. The 50% closest to the predator will be completely invisible, allowing dithered lens to be effective on both Day and Night maps.

  • Downrange and Fearless, buffed to 25% increased damage

  • Impenetrable, Increased to 25% less damage from bullets

  • Impatient, (New function) adds a second charge to second wind. Recharge rate remains unaltered, but there would be 2 charges available every 5 minutes of recharge time.

  • Height Advantage, applies to ALL damage originating from below the Predator.


No, fuck you and the game


Preds need real stealth. Disciplined should be default and they need to not sound like elephants. Lighter preds should be almost completely silent up to like 10m. None of this will happen


Non-directional clicking. We can keep the feel of the original movie with encroaching danger, while keeping Disciplined as a specialization.

I like the idea for less health for more stealth.


There should just be a scout predator with no armor

No plasma

No wrist stuff

No biomask

He uses his pennis to beat fireteam into submission


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At first, I wondered where your post was going, but this makes sense.


I’m gonna fuck your house


Completely agreed for all proposition !

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Why thank you for the compliment, good sir! Completely unfounded, but thank you nonetheless XD

Too late, I beat you to it.

Wrong forum buddy, this ain’t Barbiefield.

Moving on…

Free reinforce for ft?
Jesus christ.
And infinite rez too?

No. I don’t think so. I could clear that up.

  • To balance increased reinforcements, make stealth kills available after first revive. (This also gives stealth kills a competitive function), and to balance the Support with other classes, make 2 downs activate instant death on third knockdown for ALL classes.
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The reinforce thing is just too strong.
I’m not sure about everything else.

I would say play against a few private matches against some groups out there and see if you still agree.

Starting by nerfing the SAWZ50 and the FT specializations will be a good start.
Then Skool’s proposals are good.

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It’s just to keep the action going, so both sides can have fun for the whole match. If they nerf things like Field Medic, Sawz50, the pistols, Support teammate Protection, Duelist, and remove the damage buff from fanatic, those changes alone would greatly increase win rates with predator players. Additionally, since there is only one spawn for reinforcements, the predator could camp or trap it. Also, the hunt is not always about the elimination, it’s about collecting the trophies. Getting eliminated says more about the lack of skill on the fireteam side than it does about the predator player.

Just try what I said. That’s literally the only way I can think of you being able to see what I mean.
And hunt is about the elimination.
Preds hunt to kill.

But yeah man, playing somex privates is the only way I can get think of you seeing that a reinforce working like that would be too strong.

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Bruh , dude
Did you actually compare illfonic to battlefield and behavior?! LMAO
I’m sure These people don’t even know what is a bug

That’s not a bad idea. I’ll have to try and get a PSN group to run some private matches with as close to my recommendations as possible.


@Savage3i3 with bravo might play you.

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