Update Feedback

Hello Illfonic, thanks for the new update! I’m going to try and cover all of my thoughts here.

Positive feedback:
-Cleopatra’s design is super cool, good job guys
-New smart disc is cool
-The idea of bots is great, and I like the ability to take control over them.

Negative Feedback:
-The bots seem to track the predator player too closely, and because of that, weapon dps is really high. This circles back to how fire team weapons are balanced towards people missing more shots, however the bots don’t.
-Fireteam dps is a tad too much. Even without bots some multipliers and weapons do exceedingly high damage
-Cleopatra lacks game play variety, and aside from the cool design she feels like a weaker berserker. Her specializations aren’t the greatest either.

Wish there was more content this update, but I understand the limitations of Illfonic


by tad I mean a lot

I agree with nearly everything except the Berserker point, and probably the Control of Bots thing.

Cleopatra is by nearly all means a better Berserker, and if you have her, there is no point to play Berserker.

Same can be said of her Smart - Disk. It is better than Default Smart Disk in that it has a 7 hit combo that the Default can’t do.

She has the same stats but less gear

Berserker’s Gear Space doesn’t matter when Cleo’s space is enough to have Medi-Kit, Motion Trackers, and Bear Traps on, the most expensive Gear Items.

Berserker can’t even reach 15 out of 15 Gear Points because there isn’t enough item space for all the Gear that would take.

Cleo also has a better Melee Damage Passive than Zerker, better Specs, and better Perk Space for a more optimized bulid. Berserker is just a bad Cleopatra now.

She has the lowest gear points…I dunno, but I was kinda expecting Sammurai with Scout’s speed…but I get a mini berserker…that’s even worse…😭 She still got an alpha bad bitch design though but still.

This is just the game period


So if the bots are landing all there shots and Insta melting people, maybe now you will all finally understand why we say FT is op. Cause there ARE teams who never miss lol. The dps is balanced around people being bad. So when they are good they are super powerful.


She will be nerfed. I give my 1000% llama guarantee

Yeah I didn’t want to say that specifically because then someone would go “oh so you’re punishing players for being good?🤡” but ur right

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There would be if lower health preds were viable

Played scout once, never again

Cleopatra’s arm gets all wonky during the stealth kill animation


The one that wields the weapon

Also it’s with the new disc variant

Feels like it bends too much

I heard it has a different finisher, is that true?


Similar to the hammer

I feel like it’s the opposite