yes chek epic games store


new update dropping T-minus 30 days

PRedator specializations!


I was watching YouTube and my PlayStation casually said “update complete” I damn near spit out my Wheaties


This is definitely a day for a bucket of KFC .


I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, I was saying it all the time - that the lawsuit will not affect this game and we will be getting awesome updates - why are you people not listening to me?!


There are some new optimizations for antialiasing called USE FXAA…and i think they totally optimizated the shit out of it on PC>

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Although, we will always remember the rise of the clowns.

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It’s purrdy

Its a shame they couldnt do this from the start of launch. We were looking at a garbled mess IMHO.

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New Map is plus but $20 for masks meh

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you get 4 classes with the dlc. I actually paid for one of them unfortunately. seems like an ok deal, but i think its been a long time.

Nah i dig it mass i have viking, dutchs, and city hunter. I support the macgine but damn 20 for mask not to mention i should get the rebreather for free cause i bought city should have came free

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I see the problem for those who shelled out for the classes. Well, this DLC really isn’t for you then. So many people like myself refused the cosplay preds because they aren’t from the films. so that got me at least.

Not to be a dick, but the lawsuit may effect us. It just won’t happen till next year. Disney is not at this point contesting the third notice but they still can… they have till then to sort some kind of deal.


true, but then its for every class now. And his wristlaunch is free now too for all classes.

Is there a way i can change my name on this forum?

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then you’ll face some hostile people.

Lol what happen mass people not macho man fans?