Update just dropped!

Let’s see what they did as no notes anywhere but hoping the fanatic and reckless glitch is fixed! Though got used to running overseer for those pathetic no skill cheaters out there

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Hmm, so far am expecting another update as could not select infill or change load out on headquarters

But they changed the key for that… interesting

Just played backwater. Seemed faster and very smooth! Oh this is exciting! Guess the licensing is all sorted now the game might get a revive and some love. Though new maps and ft not on schedule and much needed.

Translated Update

Patch Notes 2.50 Summary by Chat-GPT:

  • IllFonic expresses gratitude to the Predator: Hunting Grounds community and announces plans for significant updates.
  • Highlights of upcoming content include a major patch in April focusing on player movement, Fireteam and Predator weapon balance, and UX/playability improvements.
  • Future releases include next-gen support for PS5 and Xbox, two new Predators in Winter 2024, and more in Spring 2025.
  • General fixes address issues like PS4 crashes, Dutch’s Tapes order, and Smart Disc flight paths.
  • Predator fixes include Smart Disc kill counts, Brute Specialization bonus application, and mask equipping issues.
  • Fireteam fixes address specialization damage, med-kit visibility, and gear slot issues.
  • Adjustments and balance changes cover a wide range of aspects including player movement, weapon recoil, Predator and Fireteam weapons, and UI improvements.
  • Detailed explanations by Design Director Jordan Mathewson discuss the rationale behind specific changes, emphasizing improvements to movement, weapon balance, and user experience.

this is the only line to which AI could come up with. Unfortunately AI couldn’t come up with anything else and copied a human being’s words for the other bullet points.