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We need an update to the gear selection system and an update on the Advantages selection for predators and soldiers.
I’ve lost count of how many times I made this Order.
Today, I would give up of New Contents, for Fixing on things that are Bad since the Game Launch.
It’s no use Adding New Weapons, New Maps, New Predators, If the Same Flaws keep bothering the Players.
In this last weekend that I played, on several occasions, I lost a Match simply because of Lack of Equipment and/or Advantages.
Using only 3 equipment and 3 perks, the gameplay ends up VERY limited.
Equipment and Advantages must have Unit Weight!.
For example:
The Support Soldier; He can use 15 Advantages and 6 Equipment.
In the Current Configuration, we have 25 Perks for Predators and Soldiers. And we can only use 3!.
The only thing I’m asking is that if the Soldier can use 6 Equipment, that’s 6 Equipment He will use!
For example:

  • Resuscitation applicator;
  • Field Applicator;
  • Medical kit;
  • Ammo Kit;
  • Fragmentation Grenade;
  • Smoke Grenade.

And what has to be Limited is the Number of times the Equipment can be used.
For example, Field Applicators can only be used 2X. And that’s Acceptable.
What is Not Acceptable, is that Soldiers or Predators, can use More than 3 Equipment, and are Limited by Weight!.
Same thing with the Perks.
The Soldier can, for example, use 15 Advantages. And we have 25 to choose from! But we can only use 3!.
With this suggestion, we could have Soldiers and Predators so MUCH Better.
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It’s a Simple Update. That just one Correction Pack would be Enough to Fix this Problem.

So you want to remove the cost of gear items altogether?

Same for perks?

So essentially everything would cost one?


Thus, the Equipment and Advantages Limit would be directly linked to the Limit of each Class.
For example, Class “X”, can use “N” Equipment and “N” Perks".
So this Class will use “N” Equipment and “N” Perks".
Not only 3 Equipment and 3 Advantages.

I’m fine with unlimited slots but they need their cost.

If they don’t have that cost then you need to balance smoke grenades with med kits and either it’s am unbalanced mess or everything is useless and might as well not exist since they provide no power and no unique gameplay

@Eshtion, It’s simple.
I’m not talking about we having unlimited slots. And I didn’t say anything about costs.
I think the Number of Equipment and the amount of Advantages that the Soldier or Predator can use should vary according to each Class.
If the Soldier or Predator is Configured to use, for Example, 10 Equipment and 9 Perks, that’s what He’s going to use.
Now, for Equipment, the only thing we need to have is a Usage Limit.
For example, the Fragmentation Grenades. When Equipping them, we can use 3X the Grenades. And that’s Acceptable.
But depending on the Class Currently, We Don’t Have Enough Slots to Bring Other Equipment. That’s where the Problem is.

I know

Unlimited slots is the middle of the road route of now and your idea

So he has 10 slots for equipment?

Ya that’s essentially unlimited since the slots equals his points. Since if each slot had a 1 cost equipment you’d be at max points anyways

So basically

You have unlimited slots

But are still restricted cost right?

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