Update thoughts

  • I liked the update
  • Update was so-so, but a step in the right direction
  • I didn’t like the update

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It was underwhelming in practicality from what I’ve gathered, but hopefully is the first of many steps in the right direction.

Nothing really changed in practice in regards to balance


Agree. They addressed a few concerns. If they have a dedicated team, they should be about to fix a few others that matter to us.

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List top three things you would like to see. We can’t expect to much because the core issue for me is FT being confident. Otherwise Pred wipes FT too easily and game can’t grow at potato level. It won’t grow anyway, but this is general approach. Can’t be helped that Premade FT has so many OP builds.

Nerf tracker, field medic, sawz, 1011-12

Improve pred cloak at night maps


Fair. We should focus on a few changes for them to make and hopefully they’ll oblige. Otherwise there’s just too much to be done here.

Would be nice if they commented on why they would be for or against making these changes too.