valkyrie shadow nerf.

Seriously feels like they lowered the damage resistance of valkyrie in 2.16.

Which really fkn sucks.
I think maybe all preds too,
But ever since 2.16 came out preds feel like they’re made out of paper again.

Guess yall lowered the armor?



There were a few people that noticed that Valkyrie was mobile as a scout, as damaging as a hunter, as armored as a samurai, and had more perk points than an alpha.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a shadow nerf. Hopefully, other things got shadow nerfed.


Pretty lame tho.
It was nice to not feel like you’re made out of paper.


Also her stats are what base hunters should have tbh.


Honestly if you there going to potentially add like 8 more predators at this point they should just steal my idea for a.point buy system where you pick your body type (hunter/scout/Zerker for a sample) then you got your limited amount of points via a slider to select your stats and drop down menu for unique passives when your done you got your guys cause I can’t imagine how fucked future predator classes are going to be


That’s definitely one way of doing it.
I can see that working.

Would be nice to see some actual difference between pred classes.

If your wondering why I say 8 it’s b cause so far they have a predator corresponding to eac predator trophy and that is including any potential movie predator as well so they are easily going to add even more than we have now

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If she has been shadow nerfed, can’t say I’m surprised. Like, at all. Anything to protect the precious FT.


Sometime soon we should do another test of rounds to kill with the QR-4 to see the current effective health distributions, like this old post here.

Alright I’m down.
If im not doing anything il help test out for a lil while

I have a paper due tonight and a test tomorrow, but, if I catch you online, I’ll send you an invite to test this shit out.

Aight cool.

Also they’re never going to answer you. No shadow nerf has been officially acknowledged. Seems pretty chicken shit to me, and it’s the number one problem plaguing this game IMO (constant FT asswiping).

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I completely agree.
Seriously. Wish they would.

Honestly I feel no change

same when supposedly armor was buffed… I felt absolutely no change

I felt valkyrie had good damage resistance.
Now she just feels like shes made out of paper which sucks.

I was enjoying preds finally feeling decent.
Oh well.
Ft takes priority for illfonic what else is new.

dunno man. been using her since it came out and I feel no difference

No way to know for sure since ilfonic wouldnt tell us.

I’m not even 100% it just really feels that way.
Oh well not too big a deal at this point.

Just hope pred gets some new cool stuff soon.
For all classes.

I’d say more varied weapons. It gets boring having to rely on spamming the plasma caster to wear down FT in order to win

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That and actually good gear.
Good traps and tech that isnt easily dealt with like everything pred has.

I’ve been saying it since like December, I really really want a good trapper and summoner class.

Also mods for every weapon.
Different elemental and cc effects.