Valve's portable PC Steam deck

Assuming none of this breaks in the same way Cyberpunk broke and everything works as advertised, this is amazing.

The only question is can it play modern games at 60 FPS?

If so it’s literally perfect for what it’s designed for.
It’s cheaper than a PC, better than a console.

PC exclusives

Free multiplayer


FOV sliders

More graphic options


Again the frames are the only thing in question.

And we know it can play some games in above 30 FPS because they were able to play Portal above 30 (1:50 second video)


This just killed laptops for me and I need to ditch my old one anyway.

preordered for Q2

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Its rendering at 720p with a 7 inch screen with basically a standard gtx 1050 so I’m assuming yes.
if you dock it the external power source lets it render at higher resolution to a TV.
I’m just happy it wont be melting in my lap like a laptop and can be played more comfortably. Doubles as a windows PC so you can run other game launchers & emulators or even cloud game like Geforce Now.

If they market it well it should draw in the casual audience (console-onlys) that think PCs are too complex to deal with.

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I have Steam Deck and PHG.
Installed it yesterday as it is one of the games using easy anticheat that can be configured for Steam Deck (Vampire the masquerade Blood Hunt uses.the same anti cheat and works fine on Deck).
Unfortunately PHG is not configured for the Deck. What does it mean? Game will boot up, you will see AntiCheat loading, then error and game will start with anticheat off. From there Game is working, 40 - 100 FPS depending on config. Main menu loaded with animations no graphical artefacts or glitches. All models load fine. You have access to config, setup and character management. but quick play and other session starting options are offline due to anticheat being off.

For anyone waiting on deck to play PHG, it would be good to pressure devs to include deck in support.

Devs. Please include Deck in support game seems to work very well performance wise.

Good thing I don’t plan on playing PHG on this thing

I’ve been following this thing for a bit. I’d use it mainly for the 1000+ boomer shooters I never got to play either because they were too violent or we were too poor for a decent pc. I have no doubt it’d be abkento run them, but my only real hang up is that I can’t get a straight answer to “If I download/pay for single player games, can I still play them offline?” Like if there’s no internet, can I still play Heretic or Outlaws? If I couldn’t play, say, Ghost recon, I’d be fine, but I needs my Jedi Knight and AvP (which I never got to play.)!

It’s oveeer

Ohhhhhh yeeeaaahhhh!! Now I can play all the half lifes, black mesa, and AVP2

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