Veritanium impossible to collect.

Not a major bug to fix. but its quit annoying on certain maps to have location were the veritanium is impossible to collect (most likely when its a 500 stacks) but here all the location on each map where the VT is impossible to collect


VT stuck under a table impossible to reach on the left side of a small house.

Oh boy, multiple VT stuck under one of the chest of drawers inside of the Boatselling building in the south.

Now VT stuck beneath a bed and under one of the tables inside of the air suspended Bungalow


Now this an old one but inside of the cave on one of the rampant (the one with the excavator) right above. when a VT spawn on the left its impossible to take


Its funny tho

There’s also one inside one of the train cars in the lumberyard that’s too high to jump into.

Do you not know how to Crouch Jump.

Cause if its inside the Train Car then u can get to it. If its the one ontop of the Train Car then yes its impossible to get.

Its incredible that we all knew this but we never bothered posting it. …sad. cuz you know by now they must have done this deliberately.