Version 2.08 Bug Mega Thread

Suppose I’ll contribute to the Game by stating what’s currently wrong with it rn. This is by no means an attack, but a loyal fan cataloging all that requires correction in the game. @OldKingHamlet @IllFonic

Issues from the earlier patches have remained despite this update. These Older Issues will be marked with a ○. While Newer Issues will be marked with a ●. In the case where a Bug has progressed in affects in the game, it is marked with a ○●. They are as follows.

Glitches with a small detail on reasoning or little bits of info related to the glitch will be marked with *. You can read these details under the specific Glitch and similar Glitches will direct you to the first or more important instance of the Glitch. This can also be for Verification of the Glitch or Lack of Verification on my part.

We will be looking at Predators first since they have some issues.

City Hunter:
-○"Sliver" City Hunter Mask still does not accept Warpaints to be placed on it. This reverts the Mask back to “Default”.

-○"Azure" Samurai Mask still does not accept Warpaints to be placed on it. This reverts the Mask back to “Default”.*
*(This particular bug I have not yet encountered/verified for myself as I do not have the Azure tint for the Samurai Mask. It has been recorded however and if CH97 Sliver still has this, then Azure probably does too.)


-○Elder’s chosen Skin Tint does not appear on his body at times in the Loadout Screens. His Head will show color selection however. This bug will show up for the Elder In-Game-Match, unless you manually correct this by reapplying your desired Shader, even if the shader appears to be applied correctly after exiting a Match/Tutorial where the skin appears to have corrected itself in the Main Menu.

-○Elder has access to the (PC) Epic Exclusive Armor Tint on a Regular Digital Edition Ps4 Account.

-○ Elder has access to the Playstation DDE (Digital Deluxe Edition) Armor Shader on a Regular Digital Edition Ps4 Account.*

-○●Armor Color Tints where given out for free and continue to be made free as of the 2.08 Patch. The “Paryoxysm” Tint for Elder has become free where it was locked for purchase in 2.05.*
(Yea, yea, I know, Free Colors, what gives right? Well, it’s obviously a bug with how Elder has the Epic Colors, on a Ps4 Console. Not only that, but we also aren’t seeing Playstation Warpaint and Playstation Default Skin Tint for Free either do we?)

Jungle Hunter '87:

-○ Jungle Hunter has access to the Playstation DDE (Playstation Digital Deluxe Edition) Armor Tint on a Regular Edition Digital Ps4 Account.*
(See Elder on why this is a bug.)

-○● Jungle Hunter has all of the Launch Day Armor Tints available for Free while “Paroxysm” and “Requiem” remain Locked for Purchase.*
(See Elder why this is a bug.)

-● As of Patch 2.08, Jungle Hunter appears to have been nerfed unintentionally; for his Stamina has been decreased slightly over the Hunter Class.*
(Pretty certain this is a bug since it wasn’t in the Patch Notes. Sure Alpha was a Hunter Clone once but his changes were catalogued. Also Unsure on this has an actual affect in Game otherwise than visuals on the Loadout Screens.)

Immortal Mask:
-○The “Vanadium” Tint for the Immortal Mask appears to be glitched so that the textures for the “Ravager” Mask’s texture are attempting to fuse itself on the model.*
*(This is like the Glitch that occured with the City Hunter Varient Combi-Stick with the Default Variant’s textures all over it when City Hunter was dropped.)

Nocturne Mask:
-○The “Eyes” of the Mask remain in Default Tint coloration regardless of selected Tint, whether it be Crimson or Gold. This happens on all Shaders.

Prophet Mask:
-○ The “Crimson” and “Olive” Shaders are still classified as the Mythical rarity and are locked behind use for 25K. This has an additional problem with these two Tints being in the Mythical Drop Pool for Standard Field Lockers, a Pool that rarely drops anything as is and can drop these misidentified Mask Tints.

Arthos/Ravager/Vex Masks:
-○The Tints “Apostle”, “Marine” and “Obsidan” are classified of the Mythical Rarity, and so cost 25k to Unlock for Use.*
(While this could just be what was intended, this is pretty out of the norm for the Masks since even City Hunter Mask, Elder Mask, and even Viking utilize the conventional set of rarity where only the “Systemic” Tint is considered Mythical. Jungle Hunter and Alpha/Samurai Masks do not abide to this Rarity Set since JH Mask is also a Mythical Drop and Alpha/Samurai has Custom Tints.)

Viking Predator Mask:
-● The Viking Predator Mask’s Level 100 “Gold” Tint and Level 150 “Platinum” tints appear to be locked regardless of the Player being Level 100/150.
(Can confirm, am Level 150. However, the Armor Tints appear to work just fine.)

EDIT: As of yesterday, the Level 100 and 150 Shaders were seemingly fixed, all is fine on this one.

Viking Predator:

-● The Viking Predator appears to suffer from a “Sprint Glitch” where he is unable to Sprint at all during the game. This combined with him being the slowest Class in the game is a major problem.*
(This issue may be replicable on other Predator Classes. I can not verify this much however.)

-● The Olive Tints for both Mask and Armor and even Battle Axe appear to be mostly Black.*
(Debating on whether this is a bug or not since there are still Olive Highlights on the Olive Tint, and the Blackened parts appear to be shaded intentionally.)

-● The “Default” tint in the “Default” Group of Skin Tints for the Viking appears to require 500V upon entering Customization, regardless of the Viking already Wearing it. This minor purchase unlocks the rest of the Skin Tint Groups for regular Purchase.*
(Can confirm, had to spend 500.)

-● The “Default” Tint in the Viking’s Armor Customization must be bought with another 500V payment. This in turn unlocked the rest of the Viking’s Armor Tints for regular Purchase.*
(Can Confirm, had to spend 500)

-● The “Default” Tint in the “Default” Skin Tint Group appears to be glitched so that the body of this Tint appears to be the “Classic” Tint of the “Classic” Skin Tint Group. The Head remains “Default”.

-● The Viking Predlocks appear to be a bit jittery.

-● The Viking’s loincloth can get stuck in itself and glitch out around his body.

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Keyboard and mouse has been… off for predator when I am in the trees and aiming while charging if I move it cancels and I melee, same on the ground its killing my stealth and speed

Did you notice the private match loadout bug?


I did not, is it a thing?


Can confirm just used Samurai (haven’t used him since his “buff”) and he also suffered from the sprint glitch. Samurai also seems much better upon first inspection.

That much is good at least. Do you happen to have the Azure Mask to test Warpaints on?

Tested that as well they do not appear.

Also while using Samurai I’ve noticed that when using the samurai sword he will get the auto melee attack glitch.

Is it like “Wrist Blade” on Bow Auto-Attack, or just another attack with the Katana?

Same, you just heavy attack with it randomly

It is a thing. I had to stop running private matches with all of my friends cause all of our loadouts kept getting reset to their defaults :/

They need to fix the private match loadout bug ASAP

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Ideally, they should roll back to 2.06 until they can fix the update. Because right now, this game is a broken mess. Can’t use the Bow, can’t use Smart Disc, can’t use Combistick, can’t play Private Matches, and you’ll likely bluescreen/freeze during melee. Is it really that hard to roll back?

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Good thing is the spring glitch can be counter acted.
I tried it out with my Huntress yesterday.
The glitch will appear as soon as I threw my combi stick and would be gone when I switched to the bow and shot an arrow.
Although I mostly use the combi as a melee weapon and the bow as ranged. And other than the sprint glitch, which doesn’t appear as long as I don’t throw the combi, I have no other problems with both weapons.

I agree they should roll back to 2.06 until they fix the latest issues. I shouldn’t have to rebuild all of my classes at the end of every private match. Load outs are buggy as hell to say the least. The game is still somewhat playable but both fire team and predator need in depth fixes.

That and blue screening when you get parry 😑

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Occasionally happens when playing as Predator:

Can’t sprint.
Can’t eat boars.
Can’t charge the bow.

Don’t know exactly how to recreate them, but atleast the “no-sprinting” is related to throwing the combistick and using the smart disc from what i know.

When you face 4x PC players, 3x Assault with Deadly spec and 1x Support with Field Medic spec and i have 12x dead boars around the map but can’t eat a single one, it’s pretty much over.

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I ran into the boar eating bug, as well. I was able to finally eat a boar after shooting the plasma caster…but in the heat of the match and possibility of giving away your position, it isn’t the best work around.