Very disappointed. WE need to fix this together

So I got a random hankering to play this game. It’s been a couple days. Maybe close to a week since I’ve just turned it on and played solo. Using new city hunter, having a great time, WHEN I counter another game breaking bug. I kill 2, let them go for revive, when they get there and bring the squad back I drop in. Disc throw, then speak throw, annnnd oops forgot not allowed to spear throw without getting stuck in the throwing position anymore. You get bugged in place. Can’t leap, can’t jump, can’t run, just slowly walking around as if you were aiming your spear. This has been happening for awhile. So WHY is your paid DLC not missing a beat but this game doesn’t work? Like how many times as a community are we going to throw more money at this game as it continues to blatantly not work. I’ve never seen a pvp game this bugged. Ever. Period. I’m so disappointed with how this game is being handled as I’m such a big fan of illfonics Friday game and I love there vision here too. It just needs to, ya know. WORK