(Video) PS5- Frame rate cap off causes Predators jump to look twitchy

Illfonic please fix this ever since you guys released the option to uncap the frame rate back in February. It does this when you jump with the x button and rotate the camera while in mid air. I understand by watching the video it doesnt seem to be that big of an issue. But i insist you please test this for yourself because it looks a lot worse in person. The video is not accurately showing how big of an issue this is. This only happen a in a public match on the PS5. Not privates for whatever reason. And if you turn the frame rate cap ON then it will go away so it is nothing on my end you guys need to test your game better please. Also while free falling it does the same thing


Found a video on YouTube that does the same thing but it is more visible in this video. At around 4:15 please check this out. It seems this is on PC but using an xbox controller. So even the A button on xbox causes this twitch to happen. Seems to be something to do with controller maybe because i never seen it do this on mouse and keyboard