Videocard with One Fan (Nvidia)

You know what these are @JelouGaming
What are these called again and ARE these models and manufactures delivering good drivers?

What do they and what don’t they promise?
Here is an example:

Its not an AMD or MSI, there never is a three fan configuration.
From my experience with AMD and MSI, these provide some compatent driver solutions with additional overclocking for gaming and idle fan speeds for quiet idle operation.
What is it that is so fucked up about these single fan reference card models?
Are they cheaper? or more expensive compared to their twin model counter parts. Be Honest!

Are they always cheaper or more expensive?

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mass… I don’t understand most of this shit

regardless… manufacturers do not make drivers, the GPU creators do, NVIDIA and AMD. It’s their responsibility to create the drivers. Don’t matter if is Zotac, Asus, Gigabyte or EVGA, they all use the same driver, either Nvidia driver or AMD driver, depending of the chip

Yeah but what i’m trying to ask is do you think, those vcards out of the box with 1 fan…is sufficient? Or do these cards exist so that they must and always need to have external fans and water cooling to do it justice or do they work great as is?
Granted, please acknowledge how loud they are. Because the 3 fan versions from AMD or MSI work very quietly.

if i buy one and all of a sudden i need to get water cooling because those cards are notorious for working hot, then i need to know from experienced sources. broh!

I have a reference card. They work fine, but you are very limited when it comes to overclocking them. I managed to overclock mine quite a lot once I changed the cooler for a AIO water cooler.

Essentially is the same chip on every card of the same model. The cooler (and fans) will just give you more headroom to overclock

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I honestly have encountered these cards at very high prices but never contested with. Like, i’ve never seen an AMD model being comparable because well, they simply didn’t exist that year (maybe a few years back before AMD’s version came out). To which i don’t yet understand their compete nature. Its understandable that when the reference card comes out, but there is never really an AMD equivalent card. I simply don’t see it…we are talking about 800-1000 dollar price tag. Most of these single fan cards are like in 2-3 thousand, and
I hear most never can rely on it for gaming. Mainly for CGI enthusiasts who never do gaming. So what gives here? Are they realtime engine worthy or are they only good for strict 1 time only rendering algorithms, or dare i say it, as those mining bit coin stuff which an AI is constantly screwing with the GPU?!

Reference card, at least for Nvidia, are manufactured by Nvidia themselves. They are not branded (msi, gigabyte, asus, evga, etc) and usually are launched and sold before third party manufacturers release their version

So, essentially what you are paying for is bragging rights of having the “official” version before everyone else

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They’re called reference cards, and they’ve got their own vibe goin’ on.
From what I’ve seen, they’re not too shabby in terms of performance, and the drivers are usually solid. But here’s the kicker—they can run a bit hotter than the beefier, multi-fan models. Still, if you’re lookin’ to save some cash, they’re often cheaper, which is a major plus.
I’ve rocked a few reference cards in my setups before, and they’ve held their own for gaming and everyday use. But hey, if you’re curious about other options, I recently stumbled upon this offer to buy computer graphics cards. Might be worth checkin’ out for more choices.