Viewing player count

Is there any viewable stats that Illfonic is able to provide insight into in regards to how many players are on at any given time? It would be great to see how many players are actively in the game.

On Predator Hunting grounds has 260,000 and thats only on PS4.

Thats not how many active players but it does show how many have the game.

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yeah i remember on twitter illfonic said they had 260k players last sunday or whatever
not sure how many of those is playing at peak times vs not peak times but it’s a rough estimate

nope its a personal based thy can give you the information bud this will not happen.thy can post information on sold copies of there game bud thy will never show you the number of players playing the game at set given time

so you mean they sold 260k? So thats around 13Million dollars.

More. Those are just the PS4 numbers. Don’t forget to add on whatever the PC numbers are.

So i thought i check on this today
almost double at 540,000 on PS alone!

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Is there something where players can find each other?