Viking loadout, gear, and sometimes perks, are reset every round finished or after game restart

For me, it happened both in 10 and 12 slots ONLY when selecting Viking, I put another class, i.e. exile, hunter, then the slot suddenly no longer reset, so I think slots are not the issue. It reset every time after a game is done or when exit the game completely.
I have not deleted any of my save recently. I am on PC Steam. I however, because the fact PHG are not saving my slots config between different PC even same account, so I have to recreate / create anew all the slots myself, again.


I get something similar. My OWLF soldier can’t have his appearance changed. This happens if I had changed the name of the slot. Doesn’t matter the slot number. If I changed it, and I put an OWLF operative on it, I won’t be able to change his appearance.
I’m on PS4. God, this game is getting worse every day.

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Brooo ,this happens to me too … I’ve tried putting my owlf build in another slot , it didnt work
I uninstalled and reinstalled the game ,it didnt work
These are methods that have worked for other players … but have not worked for me
Something as simple as changing your outfit color on this game … doesn’t work… LOL

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