Viking purchase bug

Epic replied that they can’t help. Interesting since they took my money

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just curious, what method did you use? THe Epic Store App or inside the PHG game?

Epic Store app, logged in before game launch

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The fix is easy

Simply get an nvidia card and all your problems will disappear…even hemmroids!

I’m requesting a refund from Epic.

You’re coding is losing you money @IllFonic

See the thing is illfonic would of got payed as well so it’s really their problem its not unlocking since that should be server side that it unlocks

Epic Games said they can’t help AND it’s a illfonic fault

But Epic approved my refund.

Refund is refund. After refund you bought it again or what?

Not yet. Thinking about it. 😂

LMAO now i need to purchase this DLC again xd

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I’ve decided not to. Nobody has anything good to say about him other than that he looks cool. Lol

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I don’t know need to test myself, maybe he had gooder damage buff then Berserk

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Now I need to purchase it again. Wrote to epic support about that -_-


Now am i right in saying that you cannot have the viking pred locks without owning the pack, because it will let me buy them for 2,500 creds but still says everything else is locked, this is looking more and more like a in game mess up on illfonic’s side

So does nobody on PC have the char/DLC unlocked? Has anyone who got a refund tried repurchasing the DLC?

i did not even get a refund and now it says i have to purchase it again even though they took my money from my bank

Just got my refund. Going to wait until illfonic addresses the situation before I try and give them my money again.

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Yep having the same issue, bought the dlc 9 hours ago and still not sorted, hopefully tomorrow when i play it be done. Not happy at all, come on sort your shit out developers. How can so many who obught can’t play it when it comes out.