Viking Thor's Day Challenge

Lol let me know of you need an extra hand I’ll probably be available

Private matches are bugged they reset loadouts, and specializations act weird

F@#K 2.08 for it’s specializations (specifically Recon’s Spotting), F@# it 2.08 for its constant bluescreening BS
I can’t even play Predator normally with this stuff going on

If anyone wants to bravely participate you can, but I can’t play this game until this plague is over

Unfortunately due to 2.08 Bullshit, I’m postponing further testing because all I get is a blue screen when I try to play predator.

Understandable no need to stress yourself

Patch Notes 2.09 (Hotfix)
No more crashing hopefully

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FT Beware! You May meet some valkyries today!

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I’m not doing the challenge but I will use the viking

Also here is the unofficial song for this thread

May it fuel your savagery

Considering I’m back now, I will participate in the challenge once more. Hopefully this time I don’t have the last guy be a runner, or I will have a brain aneurism.

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Damnit!!! Actually had a dominant game against some potatoes and fucked up recording it! No time for a second

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Alright, it is uploading now. God I have become rusty since my temporary exile. Gotta shake the rust off somehow, I guess.

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Back with The ViKing!


👍👍👍 Good Shit man! A Worthy tribute to Odin!!
When you rode the elevator up then trapped that guy in there with you 😂😂😂
Got mine uploading as we speak!

The Jotnar Returns!!

A Worthy Foe really gave me a run for my money at the end and illuminated to me how trash I am with the Axe…right now that is, just wait til next Thursday! 😂

After a rocky start I’m starting to get back into my Pred groove!

Behold! Skoll!! The wolf that chases the sun!

For the record I didn’t adhere to your silly rules

I only care that they die 😈

Also… Predathor 🤣🤣🤣

Last match of the night!!

hope everyone had a great Thorsday!

See you for Fireteam Friday!

Gotta nab me a mask to make my viking more better


This was a good match especially with all the elevator shenanigans
I’d give it a solid A+, but you missed a rule lol.

Missing a rule, or 2, by accident is fine as long as people remember to follow the major rules.
Regardless it was still a good video

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Wow that last guy

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Thor’s Day is mainly to try and get people to use Viking, more often.
We still got some people who have it but still think it’s bad.

Now as for the challenge aspect
I put those rules up to well challenge people. Maybe even help them discover new ways of playing.

If you don’t want to take up the challenge, that’s fine.


Should I clarify what the major rules for the challenge are?

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No they’re clear

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