Violent night

What we’ve all bin waiting for, a movie where Santa kills people.

Isn’t that what KRAMPUS is for?…speaking of him, isn’t there some dude who on here says he’s him?

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I didn’t know their was a movie with Krampus in it, I’ll try to find it sometime.

I’ve been looking at reviews so far the best one is KRAMPUS 2015 with a 6.2/10, KRAMPUS vs Bigfoot 6.2/10 and A Christmas Horror Story 5.8/10

Laughs in like 23 other movies
There’s already one called silent night, and there are defo some more titles that I’ve seen the covers of, but can’t remember the names. Curse you, old age!!!

I’ll check those out.

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I’m going ti watch silent night now, thank you.


That krampus movie is actually pretty good , i liked it and it was a solid horror movie



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Santa’s Slay is a fun killer Santa movie

That’s the other one I was thinking of lol

Yeah, it’s one of the few (emphasis on few; there’s like 3 others) actually good horror movies I’ve seen since Wes Craven’s heyday. Goddamn, Scream was a good movie.

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