Voice Chat won't work (PC)

I can’t hear anybody’s voice chat at all - it’s really quite frustrating to not be able to use the FT’s voice chat to locate them, nor cooperate with FT members because I just straight-up can’t hear them at all.

I have disabled all other audio devices other than the one I use to listen to game-audio, as well - meaning it’s not a device issue.

I also tested the voice-to-text option and that seems to sometimes pick up audio and transcribes it with some amount of accuracy, until it simply stops working entirely.

Please, I’ve been playing this game since release and I have never been able to hear even a single player’s voice chat regardless of the fact that I’ve swapped PCs since then, as well as having done who knows how many reinstalls.

This finally needs to be fixed.

I didn’t know people actually talk to their ft

They certainly try - this bug makes sure they can’t which is why it’s crazy that IllFonic has ignored it for literal years

Your loss my guy XD

Having fun is no loss at all!

The game’s still in a hell of a rough shape though, hard to deny that much lol

40 years later

People don’t use ingame voicechat much on PC anyway, only to shittalk.
We all use Discord.

That may be true but in my experience there’s more PS4 players than PC players. Not sure why though.
Also that kind of ruins one of the main game mechanics, what with voice chat showing noise indicators in pred-vision, which is a bit unfair to pred mains.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

No, seriously… make sure in game VC is on in the audio settings. Turn off/on PTT. Adjust volume for in game VC

After doing that, restart your computer. That solves it for me every time it happens

Yeah, I tried that a few times way back when - back when the game was still new. Sadly no voice comms for me :( All I get is the quick chat, with which nothing of meaning can be conveyed