Voter Fraud

your own home is fraction of them… the U.S was built on trafficing and slavery. Till to this day we are under slavery with taxes, lack of freedom of speech, and def no due process… its all a fake…

was caught and all the symbolism shows he got caught… supposedly dead in March but will see

Not a surprise.

The elites are known for cannibalising and much more. They are not human.

I know.

I’m not buying it. There had better be some GD proof of that before anyone goes off the rails there. Like a finger bone in his colon proof!!

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Don’t post about violently overthrowing the government and they won’t ban you.

Look, either you believe in small government or you think the government should get bigger by swallowing twitter/facebook/whatever because they’re ‘utilities’. A company can censor you for any reason online, it’s their private property, not a government agency.

Allow me to clarify

I misspoke when I said he was confirmed to be a cannibal

These tweets confirm a fetish not any crime if in fact Hammer sent them

I still want to see proof, not some BS story being drive-by-reported on Google. FFS, he probably just voted for Trump and someone found out.

If it’s any consolation I enjoyed The Lone Ranger

True, but they did promise to be unbiased when they were given the protections under section 230. And they’re super biased. They smell.

As did I. Not as much as the classics mind you, which I grew up on, but as a Pirates-meets-Lethal Weapon movie, it was fun. The ending was just great.

monopolizing all the social media is not allowed since the massive share holder is no other then BIDEN. Thats a monopoly with many different names.

Anyone else sense a revival of live journal?

when your scared ASF

Then and now… shes not happy
its ok for national guard when she wants them

Adrenochorme … helluva drug.

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Adrenochrome is one part of it, it goes deeper than that though.

She doesn’t want them there now?

Wasn’t she just saying how under prepared they were?

Its just showing Hypocrite’s at their best