Want these figures

Because it comes with other accessories and has improved articulation and collector’s packaging

I’ll think about it

Try Target and Walmart for JH. You’ll need to go to a comic/collectibles shop for the retired ones. Don’t expect them to be cheap either. Save up them nickels. And don’t buy knock offs direct from China. I did that once, not knowing it and it fell apart immediately and was not salvageable.

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Oh man 😰

Oh ya found out there’s anniversary editions of the figures I want, so I’ll wait till the latest

Yeah. Good waste of good $

I’m sorry man I’ll take your advice

What do you mean? They are re-releasing them ?

No I bought them on Amazon at least the Dutch ones, now my collection is half complete 😁

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You should check out the larger scale ones. The 1/4th scale Big Red Predator goes for like 400 new on ebay. I think there is a Dutch version too. I want those sooo bad.

How big is that? send me a link

They’re like 18 inches

I need a size by size comparison


It’s like 3 times bigger

It’s the Predator God! Lol jk oh man now I feel like I wasted money but it’s half the 30th anniversary collection that’s still good right?

Yes they’re still good

1/4 scale predators can be like $500 a piece now

Check this video out. At 32:00 You can see the size difference between the figures.

Wait the ones I got are 1/4 though if it’s anniversary right?

Where’s the link?

Not unless it was explicitly stated