Want these figures

Someone buy these and sell it to me cheap or donate to me

Edit: No these ones



You can already get the ultimate jungle hunter for regular retail prices

I’m sure an ultimate Dutch is in the works

Look for me plz I’m so desperate 🥺

Is this good?

Or this?

Unfortunately you’re not going to find those for cheap

If you’re looking for older NECA figures, I’d say good luck lmao, you’re gonna find expensive offers or none at all.

Legit AVP Predators or Serpent Hunter go for hundreds of dollars.

So not here either?


Yea, those are all 99.99.9% Bootlegs.


Never buy directly from China they are QC rejects

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I made my mistake buying a Scarface from China thinking I was gonna get the main man, but I got fucked.

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Ok 😢

Ok 😭

Here’s one you might like for a reasonable price

You should also look into toy/comic conventions in your area

Loves his back story but no I want the ones I been posting ya I know they are discontinued but maybe someday I’ll get them for cheap

Walmart and target sell them

They have Walmart in russia right?

So this good it high priced I think?

I have no idea the exchange rate of rubles to dollars

That seller seems to have a 59% rating (?) I wouldn’t buy there

Ok I’m done then I’ll just buy it on eBay once a year till I collect them all

Here’s a jungle hunter if you want it


Why is it called ultimate if it looks just like a regular one