Warpaint/Battle Damage Combo

Sup lovely people around here, hope yall are doing good so far into the year! So I love how we got the chance to add battle damage to our masks, thank you Illfonic for that btw, however I see something that is missing. Possible in a later patch like in the next one or two, can we have the option to have both warpaint and battle damage at the same time? Would add a whole lot to our Predator characters when they go out into the hunting grounds.

Here is an example of how I imagine it can look like, I made this for one of my Predator builds, as I was building a short story behind him for kicks, and I thought these pics would greatly present what people might like to have in their builds as well:

Note: Third pic is just a clean version, both in game original and before he started in The Hunt

I hope we can see this addition in the future among other great ideas that I hope we can have, till then, have a good day and happy hunting everyone!


Hope we get this option soon!

I would so love that too.
Wondering why they didn’t go with it?