We all hate AI

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It was fun, but I cant see myself returning except maybe to do the raid IF i ever got enough ppl

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Lol ok you redeemed yourself but all I gotta say is…

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Now i know where east bound and down’s will ferrel character came from WHoo!!!

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Just delete them.
Make a true pvp mode.

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Sure make the game better

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Current mode plays like it was supposed to be a different terrible game and they just threw the Predator IP in it and added mud.

no one will miss the janky AI

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Take DBD, remove the hooks and kicking gens. instead make survivors stay up eachothers ass the whole match and occassionally spiders spawn in and the survivors press square to step on them the whole game and the killer just speedrun mori’s people and that’s essentially what AI do for this game.

Ya but if it plays like wildlands, that shit will be way better than it is now, and stick the original movie.

As for pure pvp, well youd need to change it up, a futuristic setting would be the only way it could work.

If illfonic were capable of emulating wildlands AI they would’ve just made a co-op game.

but I mean look at arcadegeddon and thats THEIR title with THEIR effort and resources with no publisher leash for them to put the blame on. and everyone forgot it existed.

With damage at it’s current state (for both)… there’s no way this game can be slow

Anyway, I didn’t post this to discuss what could improve about Ai or how we think they should be. I was just pointing out some ridiculous facts from it and why everyone hates them. Literally everyone hates them.

Ai entertain me. There are things to like and things to dislike. Man, where are the things you like about them?

Their outfits

How about their comedic appeal? they are down right goofy ragdolls! Pretty much every Arnold movie has goofy ragdolls.

I played a match just now where the 3 randoms i matched up with and we managed to kill 113 AI, do about 6000 predator damage, and only 1 person could escape because there were another 15-20 AI that came in a train to the chopper and ripped us apart. This was on Overgrowth so we hadn’t even gotten an ammo crate and had been knifing AI to conserve ammo.

It’s so deeply unsatisfying getting wrecked by a massive crowd of AI that come from nowhere.

Believe it or not, some people on this forum even suggested increased number of AI’s to spawn. 😂

For me, there are things I like and things I don’t like about AI.

Why is your username greyed out?