We all hate AI

Let’s face it, they suck

They are brain dead, but their spawning numbers and locations has become more than a nuisance lately.

Let’s break down all that is wrong with them

  • Health

Killing a juggernaut takes about the same amount of bullets from an assault rifle as it takes to second wind a berserker. Nonsense

.50 cal sniper shot to the head? Don’t worry, they have a helmet made if vibranium and their skulls are made of reinforced carbon fiber

.50 cal to the chest? Pffttt… no match for their alien tech reinforced kevlar. It also neglects the common “hammer to the chest” effect from getting shot with a high caliber bullet.

  • Spawning

You killed all of them, time to heal… it’d be a shame if I spawn right behind you and shoot you with this OP shotgun that will take 30 HP in a single shot, even though your shotgun is trash and makes shit damage… so sad

Ohh your game is running smooth? How about now that 15 AI have spawned nearby. Are your fps dropping like bird shit underneath a tree? so sad

  • X-Ray vision

You think I don’t see you in the rooftop? I can see you clearly from down here. That wall is not a problem, I can still shoot you through it, but you can’t hit me

Smoke? Ha, funny. I have iron longs and thermal vision. Smoke does not affect me.


Well without ai there wouldn’t be any point in Voodoo-1

No they are not. They scream and point out we got camo. That means they are sentient beings of superior AI quality! Whats your beef duke? play the game…if you think its junk lEave! Whats with all your posts being looking down on the aspects of the game that make it a game? Its like we need you to point out minute details of a buff to ammo in the mag or some shit.

Oh yeah, why not analyse the spawn growth like its a biological entity that we need to incorporate fungal statistical information to really make it a far superior game.

Seriously, I’m getting tired of these fart posts that sound intelligent.

You a PC player on my friendslist. You miss me or somethig.? You want me to hold you hand to shut you up?


Unless the game is going to play like wildlands, we really cant afford the a.i. to change.

Dont get me wrong however, I’ve always thought this game should play like wildlands in terms of how missions should feel.

This game should feel like you’re playing ghost recon on the highest difficulty.
Having to take it nice and slow.

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Wildlands was badass still have that game

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I somewhat agree.


  • I think a little more damaging, but much less health for the heavy AI, and the Masked Armored Special AI should be able to be one shotted by more than 130 Damage


  • Obviously, no one wants the AI to spawn next to them or in line of sight. Also, I think the AI should spawn in groups of 4 more often.


  • Totally. Why have AI that magically locate and reveal the location of the Fireteam, when it is a major part of the predator’s mission. Also, Smoke grenades are already trash. If they at least worked on AI, they would be situationally useful.


  • AI behavior needs a lot of upgrading. Reacting to getting hit, taking cover, using cover, flanking when they’re in large groups, etc.
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One of the best games ever.

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The online was beast too. Did you play breakpoint?

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PMC do not like pred at all

They hate so much they shoot

Happened one time when I was playing match against a city hunter

We never saw him in the match ever and he was downed 1v1ing a juggernaut

I laughed

Yeah, didnt like it as much, but I loved the conquer areas event

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If i can’t blow up an AI and make him fly 300 ft into the air, i’m going to Punch JelouGaming out for inciting a riot to change the game!
Everyone can give him free kicks into the groin!

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Why don’t you try aiming for the head :)

Listen all AI this needs is a meaningful animation…like an AI driving a motor bike into the scene and it going up in smoke so that he or noone else can use it to leave…etc.
but yeah, the popins are atrociously not thought out.
and since they spawn in 5 or 10 at a time…make it a fucking truck or some shit.I mean how did they do it MGS5?

Yea I didn’t like that one as much idk if it was the game or my control but unless i was sprinting it was locked in ADS which i didnt like tried to see if it was a setting but couldn’t change it so literally bought and played for 30-45 mins then uninstalled and haven’t played it since

Locked in ads?
That sounds like a controller issue unless I’m understanding wrong.

Yea idk I thought it was the way the game was so i didn’t wanna play it after that but your prolly right cus sometime later one of my controls had the l2 stuck but i had already deleted the game by that point

lol yet you come back to the forums allday long to say you stopped playing …doing this everyday…all day long. all this with the absence of actually having any good time experience with the game leads me to believe you a perpetual liar. to say you have fun in the game and not get anywhere means you loath yourself.

Who the fuck are you again lol dumb ass were talking about ghost recon idiot get your shit together


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