We are not babies

Fix the leap smash exploit and fix the pig spawns. I appreciate you helping make it more or less possible to find the pigs but when I find four to six pigs in one spot and then another half a dozen in another it actually pisses me off because it comes across as insulting as a Predator. We don’t need that many fucking effective full heals and if we do then we deserve to die so we can learn to improve. Scatter them or reduce the spawns.

The leap smash exploit needs to be fixed badly. I go out of my way not to exploit but I literally just had a match with a Fireteam that was fucking but I was afk for like the first minute because I went to do other shit while I waited as a Scout, got a sweet engagement and downed three of them, went to leap next to the last guy under cover of a roof but missed and hit the roof and still downed it and ruined the experience entirely. He may well have died regardless but it was in no way fair to him that I missed my leap while I was half health which he could have punished for a badass comeback potentially to get his buddies up but instead she got fucked by the glitch.

Fix this shit. While I am a hybrid player now I still do favor the Predator I don’t need fucking baby crutches to carry my ass. I did well enough even before the patch where it was heavily rigged against me, I can handle this. Get it done.


Leap smash is intended, imagine this picture, fireteam is huddled in a medium to small size room funneling AI waiting for their objective to finish. As the predator the only decent chance you would have going in head on is to be a combistick berserker because you’re the tankiest and can cleave. A hunter isn’t going in there without getting second winded, and a scout definitely isn’t going in there. Smashing their building overloads your energy for 10 seconds and sends a message to the fireteam that they cant just hide in a building with only one way in or out.

The pig spawns i dont care much about, there can be zero pigs, i usually kill the fireteam before i use all my self heals anyway.

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On the pig bit I usually kill them all before I use my self heals as well and if a Predator is getting fucked that consistently they probably are getting run down and neutered by the Fireteam recognizing how trash they are using six pigs. However it would be a bit hypocritical as someone that didn’t like then Fireteam having such endless healing potential as they had pre patch if I didn’t acknowledge that. 4 to 5 SPREAD FAR OUT across the map tops I figure and that might even be generous. As a Predator sometimes it is nice to have a pig or two, but potentially nerf that back to the original health value they yielded as well just in case because shit happens, but having that many is kind obnoxious. I wouldn’t get rid of them entirely though because when I started out as Predator I got fucked up a lot and pre patch one bad engagement meant you were kinda fucked, sometimes even if you were good. So I could see that helping newer players but what this volume of pigs is doing is just encouraging not learning to play smarter but just being stupid about it.

I still don’t agree with that. Not many missions allow for just camping in one building and there are other less bullshit ways they could address that. If they are gonna camp with me? Cool. Motion detector. Poking with a bow or, if I’m feeling frisky, spear chucks or smart disc or using the splash from the PC charged shots to chip away. Because if they are camping they aren’t gonna chase me and I’ll punish them by making them use all their health items and then when they have to move out to the exfil point or another objective I’ll make them regret that decision. But having an attack that can hit through walls? Just doesn’t sit right with me. Hell sometimes I will just straight throw traps down at the entrances and literally trap them in. There are ways to deal with that, attacks that hit through walls is just lazy or poor decision making.

Unfortunately 90% of the playerbase ARE baby’s and think this is an actual challenging game. Unfortunately they are the majority so, good luck with the whole “get it done” thing.

Any enemy unit that is dug in like that is going to be difficult to deal with. Even in other symmetrical attacking into that can often end in distaste for the assaulting forces. Digging in and turtling is a very strong defensive strategy but that is all it is. A purely defensive strategy. You can still make good offensive plays from it of course but the idea is that you are trying to force the enemy to come to you or fend them off.

That means that even if you are top notch Fireteam your options are handicapped to at least some degree. Say you get a really good engagement and seriously wound or even Second Wind the Predator. If you want to capitalize on it you have to abandon your post. And that alone is a huge issue given the incredible mobility Predators have, all it takes is a split second to lose them entirely and they get to heal up and now suddenly you chased into the jungle and you are in his turf. On all but one map with an experienced Predator in the jungle full health with a somewhat scattered Fireteam from being on the chase, there are serious consequences to that.

You lose that fight 8-9 times out of 10 my friend. You do not fight a Predator on their turf if he knows what he is doing that is why you turtled. And if you ignore him by that point he may be a few steps behind but now you have to go on the move and he can take advantage of that. And there is only like one or two buildings you can do that in and those have their own share of weaknesses.

At that point it should be more about tactics and such than cheap ass gimmicks, ya feel me?

No shit.

pigs spawn too many in 1 place.
Slam shouldnt go through a roof.

The rest you dont need to cry about like a baby. Just say that.

I agree with those 2 points

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Cry about like a baby? In what capacity?

maybe pigs just stick together like family