We Can Kill It Trophy Glitch

Killed the Predator myself with stat at end game and even recovered body before too but no trophy. Is it glitched?

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I have same problem. I have claimed heaps of bodies but never got achievement for killing one!!!
Can someone fix this please. On PS4 by the way. Thanks. Hopefully by next patch for DLC.

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Now Im not trying to sound like a asshole, nor do I think you are dumb!

Have you as your player fired the last bullet to kill the Predator! Like he is taking a knee for The BLM and you take his mask and put him down?

Cause if you are not the one to successfully put down the Predator then it wouldn’t count!

However it may also be bugged since they took the Predator killed category off the scoreboard screen!

@OldKingHamlet @Courier