We need a new icon area in the HUD!

Predator specialization has been added in ver. 2.19.
I noticed a big problem when I was playing with the new game.
I can’t figure out if the parks and specializations are working!
This has been said since the trial version before ver 1.00,
but I felt that there needed to be an icon or UI to let the player know if the perk or specialization is working.

It would be better if the icons were displayed in an easy-to-understand manner, such as by lighting up or blinking.


yeh but the problem with that is in some games the icon even showed but the thing still wasnt working lol so. it doesnt really fix that…

Better it just shows only in the customization section. Just how fireteam suppressed or not suppressed weapons change.

But instead of it showing a green or red bar, it shows us the numbers.

Pred health bar should show in numbers like fireteam in a match too.