We need a Predator bot to make this game complete

We need a Predator bot to make this game complete. The fact that the Predator only appears in the game if controlled by a human player makes it feel like it does not really exist in the game. In some ways, a game object/actor/character/entity that has no A.I. scripting does not truely exist since it depends on a human input.

With a Predator bot, the game would be self-contained and the whole experience would be available in solo play. Aiming your assault rifle/sniper rifle etc… at an A.I. controlled Predator and killing it would be a joy.

Bots are coming back in fashion these days (after often being left out of games in the early 2010s). Take Battlefield 2042 for example. The upcoming Evil Dead game is going to have bots as well.

We already have Fireteam bots, Illfonic please add a Predator bot.


God no


Adding in a predator bot would not make this game complete, you’d just have private matches with the least interactive bots out there. They can’t even get FT bots to behave naturally in privates, the second you spawn they are zooming right at your location. The only way to not get melted by them is to cloak and use a long range weapon and they become helpless morons. How in the hell do you figure a pred bot would work which would have to be several times more complex?


No i disagree.If they do get an AI predator bot right, Adding a ‘special’ predator bot is essential to getting people back into the game. A special ‘non playable’ predator design included with special mask, texture, and roar.
A pred we can never ‘play as’ but would be OP in the hunt would be an awesome challenge BUT i would stress that him showing up would have to be a rare occasion or combination of things would have to happen for him to appear and not just because there are no players playing. If thats the case then making it a random 1 out of 10-20 matches for him to appear would be cool.
This has always been an exciting feature that i think we suggested early on in release. It also reiterates the importance of unique predator DLCs in which fewer and fewer people get a chance to play against or use. Making each match with a unique predator a unique one with a unique style.

However, if we get an AI predator bot , we would no longer have to wait in ques. Which could have detrimental effects for the game as well.

So cloak works at certain range, but if you get close enough the bot will still ‘see’ you?

The bots always see you, they always know where you are they’re just not allowed to shoot you unless you’re like 5ft from them while cloaked.


The bots always see you.
Always watching.
They know everything.

So you can still snipe them with a bow or hhpc from let’s say 20 ft


Genocide all bots


Do what you must

Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe if they made the game appealing they wouldn’t need bots?

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10/10 The pred bot would play 1000 times better than most people here (probably me included)

Yep. You can even use the disc like 10ft away from them on top of a small building and they won’t do anything.

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That AI is like one step way from skynet 😂

Dude illfonic is md at making ai their ai enemies are stiff and have no cover seeking or flanking strategies. If they made a pred ai it would be no better then a potato. It would be jumping around popping in and out of existence and would probably one shot the whole fireteam with a slam it would just be bad and everyone would hate it

If they made a Pred bot, he would just teleport behind you out of nowhere and start blasting you with a shotgun.

The Pred will also have Duelist specialization.


yeah lets add redundant nonplayable shitty AI offline content to the multiplayer pvp game that will save it


absolutely it is i’m glad you agree.