We need loadout slots!!! Likes for BUMP!

I have all the predator DLCs yet i can’t have a loadout of each one because i have no slots left.

This should be an obvious update in my opinion and at this point with the cyborg release a pretty urgent one.

Thank you Illfonic, make it happend soon please.




Doubt there are so many of hem tho.

Need 20 more

At least one for each predator type there is. Take the opportunity to expand FT as well.

And if Illfonic puts an option to randomize the predator you are getting at the waiting screen before the match, dude, gold.

you can change it on team screen before playing game, or at least when playing

Yeah i know that, i ment a Randomized button, so the preddy youll get is random between all the loadouts you have or between maybe favourites.

My loadouts are somewhat RP, i don’t just go for the OP stuff. A random pick would be gr8 for me.

Don’t worry, they’ll get right on that soon just like the last 80 people that asked the same thing for the last two years. It’ll be here any day now.


Any day now? Man that’s awesome, finally!

Illfonic never disappoints!


And can custom the bots

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Bots are OP thats the only moment i spam the plasma caster.