We need some sort of matchmaking

Would be great to be paired up with players who aren’t completely brain dead, it’s not there fault, they are learning. But it’s also really annoying for older players to be screwed over cause you don’t realize your team is all day 1 goons. And same for predator. I’d rather not face day 1 predators who have no clue what’s happening,

Obviously order of operations would be fix ongoing bugs first then maybe look into giving some sort of match making. Even if it’s only based on level


I’ve run into more forum players on my month old PC account than I have in over a year on console…it’s insane


Well lucky you hahaha it’s very rare for me. Usually the guys from here are pretty good so that’s always a positive.

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yeah and pred waiting time will skyrocket

I doubt it. Half the player base for this game is level locked at 150. There’s a shit load of players all at max level

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People complain that ft is op but also complain about potatoes. Ther is no middle ground here. If you face experienced ft players you’ll get melted as pred, and vice versa. It is what it is…

I don’t want potatoes on my team and I don’t wanna play against potatoes either. That’s standard video game logic.

Saying it is what it is, seems counter productive lol

No, not really. Its a neutral statement which shouldn’t defy the future of the game, just the present status 😜

Right lol