We now know the names of the other 2 maps.

Most of the time its when im in the trees but it can happen anywhere on Backwater for me its most of the time the trees or leaping.

I wonder what goes on in the test maps, the names are interesting. Like treecore instead of predcore, is it a guy FT in the trees test?
Or the missiontopia one, does it link missions together like a chain, so you do one after another, seeing if you can do all 12?

It could have you do the missions in order and if you kill a Pred a new one enters the lobby (higher ranked if we had rank). Or maybe you get another Pred every 4 missions, so if you make it that far you fight 2 Pred’s at mission 5, then 3 Pred’s for missions 9 through 12.

PS. Pred could revive if killed ever new mission, making it more interesting.


Fool’s Gold. That’s the mission that I can’t find, but I do vaguely remember it being available at one point. I guess I can start searching videos for it, and hope the Predator lets them finish the mission.

Yea its called Jungle, Jungle and uhhhh oh yea!! JUNGLE!!

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So no new map called New York City Sewers? I guess it’s time to quit this game then…

Well, I found several videos on it, but they all bypass the mission info screen and go straight into the infil screen, so I can’t make note of what the mission is supposed to be, unless someone can trick the game into letting them access the mission or @IllFonic rereleases the mission so we can play it again.

Knew for a couple months but some will have to be reminded in January lol

Has there been any word on paid DLC for October yet?
We got Dutch 87 at the beginning of this month, can we get Mr Black or Wolf for the October DLC?

I actually like that the paid DLC came out right at the beginning of the month, that is the way it should be.

They can put out Mr Black and Wolf to make up for no paid DLC in August…

Lmfao expect them in about 2 years…

Oh and where to you expect the next map environment? Miami beach? New York supermarket?

Anything would be better than the god damned jungle. The jungle is boring af now.

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Nah it’s not boring they just need to have some diversity when it come to the environment

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Because it’s a bit copy paste

Ok it’s not boring just because you say it’s not.
Not everyone has the same opinion and mine is that it is boring af lol
Everything in this game is copy n paste lol

Anyone experienced this?

Yeah. It happens when you are holding the scoreboard during scene transitions, so lightly tap to check FT classes and wait to load in properly before doing it again.

Fools Gold is where you have to go to the railyard, find the crates with gold bars and collect them. Then you head over to Drug Road camp and place them in another crate for the double cross, then exfil away. I like the mission alot, but it’s been months now since I’ve seen it.

I agree. I love the jungle setting, just needs some variety now because the three maps we have at the moment I know as well as my own neighborhood.

I remember the title, but when I saw the videos, I don’t think I ever completed it. Probably too many predators throwing themselves on my bullets.