We should all have our preferred (currently playing on) platform display next to our username

This is on the forums not in the game.
I request this because EVERYONE complains about something in the forums and most of time we don’t know WHY!

I mean if you say the game sucks because its hard to target the pred -that means you’re a playstation player.
But if you say Pred is too easy to target - you’re obviously a PC player. So come’on on Illfonic! Do somework! Let us show our platform!
nobody here understands anybody and i’m sure its frustrating!
If Stadia was in the mix of compatible platforms, people would just not get anything!
At least give us the credibility in knowing who we are ignoring because of platform issues!
Not to mention being able to see an illfonic employee who literally damns the company/game to hell everyday for not compensating them for their voluntary quality assessments.

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Base PS4 or die

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Hopefully your console won’t before you do!

I’m a TRVE GAMER and as such, I will live FOREVER!

Thats not what the burning smell from the fan is telling me!

That’s because I cool my rig with PC gamer tears



Not convinced yet. You need to change your avatar. Most definitely the Ultimate Warrior is in you yet!

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I’ll out myself as a PC player :P