Weapon rotation Pred/FT

Hey guys,

Would love to see some form of rotation when it comes to the weapons on both sides. Heck maybe even some gear.

Doesn’t have to be with the base weapons we have been given, but possibly for future weapons being added to the game?

I bring this up cause a ton of folks are upset with not being able to fully charge the bow. In turn, is there a way, to help the implementation of future weapons or the current ones we are playing with, with a weapon rotation to keep players on their toes/ if issues occur with said weapons, it can easily be replaced with another weapon to choose?

Side note there are some FT weapons i can list that I literally haven’t touched since the start of the game (grimtech, old painless, even a few assault rifles/shotguns).

Not trying to stretch you guys thin, content wise, just trying to figure out a middle ground where the game can have a fresh feel in regards to weapon choice on both sides, and ensuring the inventory stays functional :)


Are you suggesting the AK be only available for 2 days then it is replaced by a Galil then two days later it is replaced by a G36? Only to then be replaced by aks-u?!

I’d prefer they just simply expand the arsenal

Not at the frequency you’re suggesting.

Maybe 3 month chunks?

Makes players adapt to newer weaponry. Like I said, keeping the base armory we have now, and possibly rotate newer weapons in and out? Therefore expanding it.

This also is to curb people playing with bugged out weapons and can allow the dev team to tackle issues with them and still supply fresh stuff.

Know what I mean?

I don’t like most of FT weaponry from an aesthetics POV so I don’t like it

I only use Dutch with either mercenary, hammerhead, 2xl and the combat shotgun

The rest look like ass to me

A. Woe is me the week of hand held plasma and war club

B. Your replacing guns with guns. Why don’t we add a unique gimmick to each gun that makes them unique in a way that inspires experimentation amd variety instead of having random gun being replaced by another gun. Seriously besides hammerhead, the grenade launcher, and ole painless, they’re all different shades of the same gun.

(Especially since your taking away options, thats not good for enfircing variety, complete rebalances would be a better way to do that)

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Maybe instead of a rotation we could get unique modifications

Like some guns/weapons can choose different ammo types, others could get an under attachment, and the melee weapons could be able to choose different status effects
Each different ammo type or status effects could change the weapons damage, rate of fire, swing speed, or reload time