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I was in the same boat but Mary Jane was my first true love lol

Take your time

She will be waiting for you when the time is right

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Trying to not be trash at Valorant

Damn this was a really deep thread. I just went through a divorce and also think marijuana use has isolated me from many people in my life, even though it is legal here. It is nice to communicate with others and I must say it has been really therapeutic being on these forums whose existence depends on a game that got reviewed bombed (dumb IGNorant masses).


Mine was also a divorce. It’s been a month, maybe, I’ve lost track of time and I like it better that way.

I feel your pain. In the pit of my stomach.

I’ve been going no contact to try to get through it, because she was the love of my life. I never thought I’d ever get married until I met her.

We shall overcome.


The best women are the women that you pay to leave, if you get my meaning. Hire an escort, let her ride your blues away for you, then when the times up she leaves. The less chat, the better😈

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The problem with dating…

Part of me wants to buy them flowers

Part of me wonders what their head would look like on a stick

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What’s the difference between a whore and an onion?

Go on…


You might want to speak to somebody🤫😏

It’s solid advice, I’ll give ya that.

Day 31 of no contact. I can’t wait to see how good I feel in another 30 days.

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Whenever I want to feel sad about my last failed relationship I just listen to this song. It’s bittersweet, just like life


Bro, I am on a year and a half with no contact with my ex-wife. She isn’t even the same person much less the person I thought I was married to. I miss her family more than her sometimes. But yeah it is hard and I would advise you to watch some good youtube videos for advice (and general shit talking of how bad the dating scene is and how immoral women can be), that’s what I did. Take the RED PILL.

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That is one of my favorite albums of all time. Used to listen to it at my Catholic middle school before I got kicked out for selling weed to a friend lol.

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Yeah, I miss her family.

I am getting around to writing an “elephant in the room” letter to her mother, because we haven’t spoken at all through any of it.

She was such a good person to me.

Guns N Roses - Used To Love Her

Perfect antidote right there 😈

The Black Dahlia Murder - Deathmask Divine

Hear me out, the best woman… is a trap