Wellness Check

How are we all doing tonight?

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Raging over this janky fucking game but otherwise good. You?

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Cozy as fuck grinding some challenges

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Just got some moon rocks and a red bull… Time for PHG!!

The hell are moon rocks?

Marijuana nuggets with added marijuana products

It’s legal in my state

I’m over 21

Just saying

Not only is weed not legal where I am but my work tests semi regularly so it’d be more of an annoyance to take up smoking. Not against it though

Before the plague, I didn’t smoke much for the same reason. I’m trying to make this a vacation as best I can.

I’ve pretty much been on vacation since the outbreak started. I work at a children’s hospital/psychiatric ward and we get children from all over the world. Not only would our chances of getting it be increased but it would be more so for the children


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Just cuz you get nervkus introverted doesn’t make it ew.


Lol I used to have a problem with weed smokers and weed when I was a kid but not anymore.
I dont care if ppl smoke xD .

But I love how touchy weed smokers are when it comes to weed.

Heeeey maaaaaaan its juuuuuust a plaaaaaaant.


At this point in my life tho, it I wasnt worried about it negatively affecting me I’d try it.

But my body does not like ANY substance whatsoever.

So I dont wanna risk it.

I miss drinking tho.
Getting buzzed or tipsy was nice.

We get mislabeled and misrepresented a lot. People still genuinely hate me for that reason alone.

It’s the end of the world, what have to got to lose at this point lol?

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I miss smoking.

It was a ritual I shared with someone very close to me that is no longer in my life, so I have been abstaining.

I’d play a few games, “Go on a walk” with this person, and then come back in a great mood and, generally, play focused and well.

For now, it just reminds me of them too much.

I’ve just been sticking to exercising 6 days a week, but I can hardly wait until my mental strength has somewhat returned and I can go back to this specific hobby.

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I feel that. I had a very similar situation a couple years ago. It’s important to try and move on like your doing by replacing that old habit with a new and especially healthy one like exercising. However give yourself time, don’t rush getting over anything as you may not heal properly. Take everything one step at a time my friend, I have no doubt you’ll do well going foward

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I’m Canadian we don’t have as negative an image of pot smokers here.
It took years to get to the point of it being legal, but as soon as it was it lost its stigma.
It’s normal at holidays now for Grandma to get high off cookies, 😂

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Ew. Canadians.


Hey not all are Ew. They have fine ladies and shit you can go to Quebec and find a beautiful French lady that will use her french tongue to twist ur mind i to doing whatever she wants lol

French accents be sexy tho.
Like some of them.

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I could describe it as actual grief. Not bullshit sadness. Actual grief, just like when someone has died.

Sorry to unload, man, it’s just always right below the surface.

On a positive note - almost all of the skills work that I’m doing is plyometrics/calisthenics so I’m going to be mounting trees like an actual Pred here pretty soon!

I’m going to be leaping from tree to tree in South America, fucking Colombian chicks left and right.

“I’m gonna have me some fun.”

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