What I don’t understand

Why Christmas trees cost so fucking much from stores.

They’re absolutely free. Just nick one off the side of the road. All you need is an axe and a saw, or a chainsaw if you prefer.

Same goes for flower gardens. If you need a daffodil or what have you just nick one from a roundabout.

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Cuz real christmas trees fall apart all over your house and people want ez 3 peice assemblies.

The stuff in gardens isn’t typically locally available, like no one’s planting daffodils they want mangolias and whatnot.

The real question is why funeral flowers are so expensive.
Funeral homes in general may as well be a cartel.

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What the fuck is a magnolia? If it’s a flower, nick it from a roundabout if you need one.

Also yeah, they’re probably in it with mattress stores too. Explain to me how 3 separate mattress firms can exist on the same city block. Guess what’s big, fluffy, takes up a lot of space, and is 100% being used to smuggle drugs across international boarders? A mattress!

but thats so much workkkkk

and you have to make sure it doesnt die and shit

just steal a plastic one nobody will care

The best of both worlds!

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its not even december yet you prick

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Well yeah. A couple of people in my lab were discussing Christmas trees and I was in shock that one of them already had 2 Christmas trees up in their room. I refuse to recognize Christmas season until after thanksgiving as a matter of principle.
Anyways, they were talking about prices for the trees and that was my 2 cents.


finally, someone here with more than one brain cell


Hey what about me?

One of the main ones in the town I grew up in was caught laundering fake money 😁

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Aye chiefy, ye best be wary of tree law, y’harg!



It’s November

That’s what I said. I refuse to recognize Christmas season until after thanksgiving at the earliest.

Me too

I wish everyone was as best as I am 😔😔😔