What if the new map is just for the new mode?

I think they’ll get rid of maps and game modes entirely. We’ll have the menu screen and be able to customize Preds and FT. Then you can just sit looking at them.


I’m not familiar about larger populations in first person shooters. IMHO, i think that would be hard to do without it becoming a mess. I suggested that the possibility that they could all play a single game without them seeing each other. Possibly in order to finish parts of a whole.
Then again, having multiple people could only mean a team tournament campaign which logs every user in a league type of thing.
But more than 5 ppl in a game at once screams chaos and terrible syncronization.

I’m just hoping night maps are eventually added as a randomly generated modifier so that we could at least have variety in the old maps plus the new one too.

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I remember reading one of their comment on fb in which they said that the new map won’t be exclusive to the new mode and that instead the new mode will be playable on every map available.


Thanks for the info.

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sounds interesting, thanks!

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I’ve found the comment


Too bad theres no date.

Sorry it is in Italian… 1 sett. means 1 week ago

Ah no, I meant release date lol.
Idk Italian but I had a slight feeling that’s what it meant lol.

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Sep 29. Bet.

Fuck me side ways NOW!

Gauntlet (a game mode for Predator - possibly in order to find a lost gauntlet)
Clash (could be an all Human mode without predator- could be Stargazer vs FT.)

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I thought I was one of the few ones

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Ugh thatd be so laaaaaame

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Did you hear they’re adding macho man randy savage for ft?

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It’s going to be sep 29, mark my words.

I would know, I’m the janitor at illfonic

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Lmao xD

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Turned out my grandpa was right

that would be nice perhaps well get both