What if the new map is just for the new mode?

And we’re stuck with the same 3 jungle maps until oblivion on quick play


That would be unfortunate

I really didnt expect the new map to be for our current mode. I could be wrong tho.

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Most likely how it will work is gaunlet is for the new map, clash is all 4, cause 15 players on overgrowth etc way too small imo.

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I think the new map will be part of the regular rotation for Hunt mode, we might not have 10 separate missions at launch but they can add more missions over time. While I do think we will get mode specific maps down the line I think it would be to soon to lock a map that way now.

I also only think we will get one of the leaked modes. Gauntlet sounds more likely to me, as it has more people involved. I might be wrong and they might be focusing on a smaller more easily achievable modes. I know I’d like a FTvFT mode and a Pred V Pred mode down the line.

I’d really like more information then we currently have, as it’s far to easy to assume yourself right down the wrong path.

The newmode will be called gangbang of the pred. Will be 14 on 1 and the Predator only defense will be to make all the ft soft before he or she passes out

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And you’ll only have two options for classes the berserker and scout

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Nah you get a handicapped Pred its like 99 from Clone Wars just a Pred who a janitor on its home world

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I wonder if a new game mode will be a game style where one player is randomly chosen as pred and then who ever kills him they become the predator and ect.

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That reminds me of the game mode back in AVP 2010

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Yeah I rather enjoyed that mode. Figured they mite look to that game for inspiration. Bc that was a real avp game

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I’m hoping it’s a PvE horde mode where you play predator and slaughter the ai

Nothing more exciting than killing braindead AI over and over

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Milf fucking is

Yeah I’m with Slasher, we need some comms from illfonic now. Beyond a joke and nothing to do with a pandemic speaking to your customer base. I’m at the point where I cba to even load the game up. I’d hate to think how many games I’ve played now, on the same 3 maps with the same 10 missions. For the past 5 months, which in pandemic terms feels like 2 years.

I’ll be back when/if they ever release anything, but in current state I’m too bored…I’ll just check here for updates in the meantime. It’s new game season too so they best give us something soon or people will be off playing other things or buying next-gen consoles regardless of a map/mode. Not that they’re arsed like they got our cash already.

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I think the new mode is gonna be a disappointment

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The new mode has come to late. If the new mode and map cam three updates ago prior to 87 dutch and city It would hve saved this game but ppl will play this new mode and map maybe a week and the game will be back in its case or even worse uninstalled and left in the psn library

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I don’t think it has, but I do hope they are also working on some form of event because while we don’t ‘need’ it now we will soon.

They way I see it, to have perspective, we have to imagine what is planned for just after too. Maybe October has an event or maybe the night maps are dropped over the next 4 months.

I think there’s to much we don’t know, so calling it over before we do isn’t helpful.


The next gen consoles drop in less than two months. Shit PlayStation is doing a event today at 1pm PST for date and price reveal. They have best be working on a term to get us a free upgrade for the ps5 or it better be backwards compatible but that does not seem to be since the full list of all backwards games was shown a week ago. Hopes they still will but of this game dose not get a next gen update or atleast backwards the player base will take a hit and they will likey not recover from

it very well could be I covered this in one of my videos if they were to do a mode and say that mode would be like 12 -15 FireTeam Vs 2 - 3 Preds they would have to have a bigger map to do that on we already saw leaked footage of a huge map we already know you can fit 15 members in a lobby given what we have one could say they would go hand in hand if they were to do somthing like this