What is a decent headset with microphone for you? (Wired/Wireless)

So, since many kiddies seem to only have potato mic’s, what type of headset with a microphone you consider decent and cheap enough for them to get?

I got a wired HyperX Cloud II, which I’m very happy with. It got a good sound detection for games with being able to adjust the volume over a little wheel as well as a decent mic which I can mute with a slider (not bad if you like being the Pred, though I usually leave the mic open because I want to have my fun with the Fireteam)
Price: 79,99 € (Euros)

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Razer kraken. Bright neon green headset.

It’s treated me well for a long time.

Or anything turtle Beach with a reasonable price tag.

If you don’t invest in good headsets, you will just be breaking and buying them over and over.

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I’m using Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2, comes with 3D audio and Superhuman hearing mode which when pressed it amplifies the smallest of sounds whilst keeping its precise spatial surround sound, making Preds so easy to locate. And they are very comfortable.

It also has a flip mic, so all you need to do is flip it to mute yourself. There are 4 audio options to choose from as well by pressing one button, and 2 dials, one to turn up volume and one to turn up your own voice.

Only costed me £89.99


  • Razor Kraken
  • Wired
  • 7 years old - still good
  • Roughly $100
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Damn maybe it’s time I get a new headset

I use the neon green version

2nd this :)!

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It’s probably never bad to have a thread like this for newcomers.
When they don’t know what headset to use they find some here and can choose for themselves.

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LVL 50 Wired Headset.

Got it for $42.00 last week. So far it’s been great! My old mic cost $49.99 and pitched my voice up slightly and off key. This new one doesn’t anymore and so far works great. Mic picks up more sound to, so I can actually talk at normal volume.

I got the exact same one on sale for 60€. I really love it. Its perfect for every game I play and the mic is very good too!

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i use a turtle beach thing “call of duty black ops 2” cheap ass thing, it was like £15 used and its fine.

I spend my real money on HiFi :D

Turtle Beach Recon 70

Oh, Drumsy, you ARE a man of culture.
Literally using that one.

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I have the same headset and Cloud Orbit, which is insane headset, also with crazy price but it’s worth every euro.