What is this? What's the queue? What the...?

What, the servers are over?

@Courier @OldKingHamlet

I only speak English, what does that say below the symbol

Number in the queue: 19176

It says “thanks for the money sucka”



It’s probably just a glitch, restart the game

If that doesn’t work, restart your console/PC

If that doesn’t work, go play tf2


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Maybe they did finally shut the game down lmao

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Wasnt there a tweet about them shutting down the servers? I think I seen it on here

Yeah, but it was confirmed to be fake

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This thread says otherwise 🤔

After the queue expires, the game works as usual. The match search time remains within the normal range, the lobby is going normally. Just before you enter the game, you just have to stare at the screen for 15 minutes. A great game.

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It was definitely fake, but this is interesting. I’ll try to log in, too.

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Happening the same here

Yep. Same here. Waiting on the queue to count down. Started at about 13000.

Same here too…


HA! The game is finally ending and we can all go on with our lives

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For me it said 50000 people yeah I believe that lmao

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This is oficially the end of this game for ps4 players