What is wrong today?

I just played 4 matches as FT in a row - just *****…

The ‘best’ was the last one of said matches: I was under heavy attack by the pred. No help by the others. I already had used my third syrette, when I saw, that one was near the reinforcement radio - I then decided to die quickly to be reinforced with a new set of syrettes again…

Then a team mate popped up healing me twice - against my will; great. The reinforcement radio timer was over then. I did not change my decision to die nonetheless… Bad luck - mate :)

I can’t stand it anymore, I think I’ll now give the predator role another try, playing FT today is no fun at all.


They were only trying to help, Fireteam is a team oriented side anyway. Plenty of ammo crates and medkits around the map.


You should have ran to a suicide station

Or the Predator

Or an AI


It’s tough it there with randoms

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All these potatoes need to go back to Fortnite.


The reg majority of ppl playing FT on this game usually blow ( especially during the day ) It now takes me just as long to find a match as it would if being pred, having to leave multiple times because you have guys loading in with no perks or f’n XP or you hear a little kid come over the mic bla bla bla…… I was playing this one match where when I died I scrolled over to one dude way on the other side of the map running around picking up Veritatem .,.ha can’t even go into all the other times playing with rando’s has sucked ~ what up weev ain’t seen u ina minute

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We literally just need a 5 minute tutorial and people will suck less.

“Don’t run from the predator when he attacks your team! You have the firepower to kill him. But if you start running, that’s just less damage output from your team!”

“If the predator is melee attacking you, don’t turn your back and run! He’s faster than you. You’ll just get stabbed from behind. Either shoot him, or parry his attacks!”

“If a teammate is downed, over the body! Predators will try and claim there skull.”

Literally basic tips, and have a predator bot on the map for them to shoot dead so they can get an actual idea of how much damage they are capable of doing. I swear the issue is some people just don’t understand how lethal they are as the FT


Remember when pretty much all games had a tutorial level?


Remember this game is absolute half ass bare bones nonsense instead of the basic requirements for games lol


Maybe try find some people to play with on here, like my back hurts all day carrying these teams, except from a match earlier when I was taken out twice first after my power nap.

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Yes, but a little too late. The one, who came back, first left me alone with the Predator too. When he was back, already 3 syrettes were used…

I did exactly that. Ran to the Predator, stood still, got killed, crouched to the Predator - and was healed…

To be fair: yes, the one, who came back, wanted to help, so, no bad feelings against him. It just was not the first time in this series of matches, when the team mates just ran away (before that)…

So, I already was a little on the edge then… And after getting healed when I clearly was trying to die fast to become reinforced again, my mood glitched a little. But after the second time said guy healed me against my will - that really was too much for me… :))

Although said guy clearly was not the worst of the day - he at least tried to help.

Utilize one of the many suicide stations next time

Ummm, nice idea - please, Illfonic, can you please implement a suicide station or at least a suicide bomber belt - the pred also has one - just fair…

No there are suicide stations in the game

The barrels

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It was deep in the jungles - no barrel there, unfortunately…

But good idea nevertheless:)

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Btw, playing pred, if you already are a little unnerved is not a good idea too:) I just did not have enough patients then… So, not my day today… Going to sleep now…