What is y’all’s favorite type of music

I like SAMBA mussica ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

also i guess i should mention i also fucking love atmospheric music usually when i’m playing PHG i’m listening to the Prototype 2 soundtrack is pretty much my Go-to

The older generation says I probably burn down churches and worship the devil. But there is nothing wrong with some black metal

I also like hard goth

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Just personal taste.

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Not bad, not bad. I like it smooth and dirty though

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Tool is absolutely one of my favorites.

I don’t like the flow of most modern rappers

Because there is no flow

It’s the same

I mean that song is old school but yeah, I don’t really listen to mainstream rap that much. I prefer underground rap.

This one right here makes me wanna play some PHG

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I don’t like old old rap that much lol but I can still appreciate it.

Also I just noticed that Swave sevah is in that video.

Imma pretend I never read that

Lol I like catchy hooks and the types of beats that are used by newer underground rappers. Old rap just feels kinda outdated.