What is y’all’s favorite type of music

Personally I’m a huge fan of older artists
Jonny cash
John Denver
Jim Croce
Guns N’ Roses
Ozzie ozbourn
Don McLean
The Charlie Daniels band


I like good music no matter the genre but heavy music is my favorite

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I love music

I would have suicided long ago without it

It unites us in happiness, sadness and anger

This is very true

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I’m one of those people that says they “like everything”, but it is absolutely true.

I like all sorts of bullshit, specifically something that is considered culturally-significant.

I like all music, and from all over the world.

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I like at least one song from every genre,
But electronica and rock are my favorites.

Specifically breakbeat on the electronica side.

there are a couple songs i know from older artists that i recognize as masterpieces of their genre’s even if i normally don’t listen to that genre
And OST remixes really i listen to alot of indie artists as i think most modern music sounds the same now that it’s a well oil’d business
Though Riot (the company) usually makes a good song every year for Worlds so sometimes i’m a bit of a hypocrite
nowadays these has been pretty high on my playlist since they came out

And i unironically think SilvaGunner is a good artist fight me

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Hip hop, mainstream rap, underground rap and some other stuff.

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Absolute dad rock OP.

Progressive metal and electronica.

I also prefer older artists.
My main favorite music to listen to though is classical/orchestra. Coming from someone who plays tuba, trombone, piano, and a little guitar, so I am fairly biased.

I also can enjoy at least something in most genres of music though.

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Check this one out.

skip past the 1 min. mark.

For whatever reason it’s giving me trouble sharing the song from YouTube. Attempt #3

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Christian rock


Modern metal that is heavy hitting and full of breakdowns is what u live for. Maybe the odd catchy chorus and shredding solo

I appreciate metal and other types of music in all forms :)