What is your favorite pasta dish

My top two are penne vodka and bolognese

Pasta with spaghetti.

Sir you are actually valid for spaghetti does not classify as pasta


Pizza 🍕

Asia Argento

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Cacio e Pepe!
Very easy and cheap to make, but hard to master without cheating.
Once you can make Cacio e Pepe, you can also make traditional Carbonara or Spaghetti a la Grigia.

Penne vodka and bolognese are both solid choices, no doubt.
Now, let me spill the pasta beans – I’m a pasta fanatic too! Recently, I’ve been on this culinary journey with paccheri pasta, and it’s been a revelation. I stumbled upon this incredible recipe that takes paccheri to a whole new level. The way it captures the essence of the sauce, it’s like a pasta masterpiece!
But here’s the fun part, the world of pasta is vast and diverse. Do you have any other pasta dishes that you absolutely adore? Whether it’s a family recipe or a restaurant favorite, I’m all ears for some pasta inspiration.

I like an angel hair pasta cacio e pepe with a garlic and shrimp twist. Delicious.

I agree with you

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