What level are you at?

Can’t I do both?

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@Kassinaillia I’ll send you $50 if you will permanently change JoeHollywood2011’s account level to 10.


No. Make him 999 already so he can look even more ridiculous.

OR… Wait until precisely 3 minutes before he hits lvl999 and then add another 9000 lvls to the game XD

See how many yrs he spends on that.

OR… Since he uses exploited loadouts, someone report him and @IllFonic ban his account.

Why wont you just 1v1 me in a Private Match

I’m top 50% at best, and I use my axe build maybe like once or twice a week, I ain’t even really on making videos as much anymore

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I’m getting to 700 in a few days and nobody can stop me because I AM THE BEST.

Nobody is stop you because nobody cares… And what I see is you are not even close to the best

How old are you? 11?

Iam Level 195… a PC-main Predator and i bet i would beat you easy!

Old Gregg has over 5,900 hours in the Jungle and also lvl. 484. I own everything and have 3,430,015 in $$$ and I’m not rushing or trying to be first one to 999. Somebody call Guinness World Records for me 🤣


You will never be better than @JimHarbaughWQLVE

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Oh Joe no one cares about you and cheap builds and tactics let me know if your ever grow up. 👍

That monkey is a LOSER. He only achieved 65% of the trophies in this game and has been playing since April, 2020.

Ohio is always and forever always better than Michigan

Pay the guy no mind, he’s basically the cheap imitation Jim like Rombak is the wish.com version of Fantasma. This guy is just trolling or at least trying to but it’s not entertaining just annoying unlike Jim who was able to cause quite an uproar in the forums and still be known as the champ. Besides the guy uses broken builds and xp boosters and still gets out-scored and out-damaged by a Dutch 25, one of the contenders for the worst FT class in the game.


You’re a nobody too mther fcker. How fast did you get all the trophies done? Or maybe you didn’t even do that either like your loser fagg got but buddy Jim HardToWinTrophiesbaugh. You’re the jckass that runs around the map which should get you’re stupd asss killed but sometimes you get lucky with a retarded predator then brag about barely not dying.
BTW, most of you losers don’t even have a paid avatar on the Playstation Network. You’re poor as fck losers with no life and no money.

Has all the trophies

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