What Level Does Hammerhead Unlock?

I paid for Dutch DLC and also have Digital Deluxe Edition. Prior to 1.10 I had ability to apply the PlayStation Exclusive weapon shader to QR5 Hammerhead, but it would reset Dutch when I did so.

Since 1.10 the same happens with applying any shader to QR5 Hammerhead, just like applying Elite Shaders that have been temporarily removed.

What level does Hammerhead unlock for non-Dutch owning players? I recently saw what looked like I unlocked the weapon after a match about level 115.

Perhaps, there’s a correlation to Hammerhead bugging out when applying shaders earlier than when it unlocks for players that didn’t purchase Dutch?

I’m going to test apply a shader to Dutch’s Hammerhead now and see what happens.

*Update: @Courier We tested shaders resenting Fire Team load-out resets and found that if a player owns Dutch DLC and does not meet lvl115 for Hammerhead or lvl140 for Dutch’s Knife and the player applies a shader to this weapons, we also experienced a FT reset similar to Elite weapon shaders.

Additionally, random weapon icons are displayed in the UX chart for FT load-outs, in both weapon and gear slots.

I did not think of that. Maybe you are on to something, keep us posted!

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It unlocks at 115 so you are correct in what you saw, his knife unlocks at 140

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Yes, so now that I’m above lvl115 I can apply shaders to QR5 Hammerhead and Dutch does not reset his load-out.

However, when looking at his gear and perks icons for his load-out, the UX design gets derpy and displays random weapons all over the place including where gear is normally. But once in the customization screen everything is normal.

Additionally, after I hit lvl115 Hammerhead shaders started appearing in Field Lockers.

I think this same scenario is the problem players are having with their missing mythical knives, they didn’t loose the mythical skin, it’s still unlocked… but they don’t have the level requirement to use the knife the mythical shader is applied to yet.

Yeah, I saw this right when @IllFonic posted on twitter, but it didn’t address the issues I’m discussing here, only the lvl10 Elite weapon shaders.