What’s everyone’s favourite genre of music?

I have so many genres I listen to 😂😂

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OST for games sometimes. OST for films sometimes,OST for tv shows sometimes, OST for games sometimes, and then there is POP music…today in Korea waves, Hard rock in the 90s Canadian and American, those get diced up into several different splices of hard rock genres.
Why piggy?

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Nice dude 🙌🏼

Rock & sometimes the kind of music you see in them YT Vs Shorts.
Soundtracks from movies are gr8 too


Yeh fr! I love after dark that song just awakens something within me especially when working out boy it’s great 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼


Yeah and ya can never go wrong with a bit of Tourner Dans La Vide either lmao

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Oh bro that song 🎶 boiiiiiii 😂😂😂

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I listen to and can enjoy just about anything, however my favorite is probably classical/orchestra.

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I go from The Black Dahlia Murder and Septicflesh to Avril Lavigne and Foo Fighters

But mostly Extreme Metal Genre’s like Melodic Death Metal, Black Metal, Progressive Metal, etc

I also enjoy a lot of solo guitar acts such as Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, Andy Timmons, Vinnie Moore… Can’t really put a genre on those.

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I don’t feel for any new music being made by people older than the age of 40… I like older music…but if any music is going to strike the souls of humans its being done by people much much younger. I like Genesis but people will just laugh when i say I’m a peter gabriel fan. And I don’t look like a geek. When you’re a geek nobody gives a fuck what you listen to. But when you’re a Brad Pitt or a Tom Cruise looking motherfuckr living the life of a vamp, you need to be progressive.
So I say Im sophisticated and like soundtracks and scores. Music should always be rebooted for a younger audience. When I see younger talent producing incredible music, I’m like “let it happen”. because the older musicians won’t reach them. There is no money. unless its seed funded. And when musician seek politicians, were back in the 70s again and it doesn’t look like Fleetwood Mac is going to charm the pants off of people anymore.

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There is psychadelia new wave.
Like St.Vincent, Tame Impala, The Temples, The War on Drugs…but they are already loosing the audience.nothing wrong with the music, but live music is changing…and when you can’t watch your favouite band in peace they seem to change with the rate of declining revenue.
The 90s were all about an incredible amount of hostility, angst, rivalry, and agro. Can’t say if that is still being pushed out by bands like NIN, or death metal bands. I’d say they aren’t making new music like that but they certainly are still dishing out live performance based on past popularity.

Not sure if the state of peace in our society is the problem…maybe that is to blame. I can’t say there is an ample amount of peaceful progress in society that promote anything other than fear.

The media is greedy and faking news to put people in a state of fear. That is doing NOTHING for music today.

Even if you could fake peaceful unity amongst society, they are certainly not doing it. Bedroom music though seems to take over during a few years at a time . But were shut in and no business wants that kind of abiguity. Then there is nothing for a long period of time!
So what would promote these venues? I don’t know a live commentary streamed during every live event? That poses alot of other security issues. To many terrorists right? Maybe if people would watch it on a podcast and donate, that would be interesting. but you’d need an incredible amount of support from independent contractors.

I’m the kind of person that can listen classic music to death metal. It depends what mood i’m on.
But mostly rock and metal
Marylin Manson
Linkin Park.

Sometimes techno.
The Prodigy.

And yes. I’m that old.


So say it…does that mean you’re a psycho path? Does that mean you want to suicide? no judgement here, just explain psycho music.

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I think Rap should be out lawed in all 50 states. Along with gospel music… (you people CANT SING)

I enjoy Metal, Country & 80s rock

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I like 80s glam rock…discuss

I like 80s rock because it had story and depth. todays music just aint got the same sole… I like that old time rock n’ role!!

Metal & 90’s variety

Ozzy… man, Ozzy